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Emerging Player Programme

The Emerging Players Programme (EPP) is a high performance development programme designed to be a stepping stone between county age group teams and First Class County Cricket Academy’s.  The Junior Academy is designed to be the stepping stone between county age group teams and the Emerging Players Programme, growing the player pool for EPP.

Chris Hunkin (EPP Head Coach)

Both groups will be run by the CCB’s Performance Development Manager, Chris Hunkin and a team of specialist coaches, the EPP and Junior Academy offers additional coaching opportunities to the county’s best young players during the winter.

The principal idea behind it is to identify the most talented young 13-16-year-olds who the county coaches believe have the potential to become future Academy and First-Class players.

Cornwall’s programme consists of both one-to-one and group sessions. These sessions will take place at the Cornwall Cricket Centre.

Over the calendar year each player will receive approximately 100 hours of contact time. In the winter a weekly three hour session and in the summer, sessions which are based on the needs of the individual.

The programme:

  • Is designed for those players identified as having the necessary aptitude, attitude, and athleticism to be potentially future elite cricketers.
  • Focuses not just on skill work, but the technical, tactical, physical and mental aspects of the game, protocols which must be utilised to reach elite levels in all sports.
  • Is designed to be a high quality addition to a player’s county age group programme.
  • Provides players with the opportunity to reach their potential.
  • Is an enhanced version of the county age group programme.
  • Is designed to underpin and supply talented players for First Class Cricket Academy’s

The 2018-19 Cohort are:

Ellie Mitchell – U17 Girls
Rebecca Odgers – U17 Girls
Emily Geach – U15/U17 Girls
Freddie Stevenson – U16
Aidan Carter – U16
Joe Phillips – U15
Joe Cockings – U15

Meet the EPP Coaching Team

Contact Chris on: 07980 768228 or

Chris Hunkin (Performance  Manager) Can be contacted on 07980 768228 or email

Profile on Gavin Armstrong – EPP Assistant Coach

An ECB Level 3 Coach with extensive coaching experience. Gavin is a former Academy and County 2nd XI player with experience of playing Minor Counties Cricket.

In recent seasons Gavin has worked within the 1st Class county set up – his role has been Physical Assessments and direct reporting to the coaching team in relation to Physical limitations.

Gavin brings a unique knowledge to his coaching – through his Physical awareness and understanding of the body he will have a clear picture as to whether a player can actually achieve the technical positions the coaches are asking for.

As a Left Arm Spinner Gavin brings a wealth of knowledge and experience and continues to develop his knowledge of Spin bowling.

For the last 2 years Gavin has worked on the EPP Program and as a County age group coach.