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CCL Weekly Update 13 June

13th June 2020 Posted in Coronavirus and Latest and League by Michael Weeks

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CCL Weekly Update 13 June 2020

We’ve reached what would have been week nine of the Bond Timber Cornwall League.

However, it would have been a challenge for groundsmen to get games on as the weather has taken a downward turn from the prolonged dry spell.

On Wednesday the county had the first serious prolonged and heavy rain for weeks, a welcome relief for all growers no doubt.

Had life been normal the Hawkey Cup semi-finals would have been wiped out and had to be rescheduled.

Then on Friday, another belt of heavy rain would have seen the covers in place with eyes skywards in a bid to get the weekend programme played.

A showery Saturday, in parts, would not have made life simple.


The ECB’s weekly COVID-19 update to clubs and leagues has been landing in inboxes on Friday afternoons.

It was, therefore, a surprise when this week’s edition arrived out of the blue at 7.45 pm on Wednesday.

It contained a significant update with the release of the ‘Roadmap for the Return of Recreational Cricket’, as anticipated last week.

It laid out, subject to Government advice “ the five steps to the recreational game’s proposed phased return this summer.”

Step 1 Lockdown (23 March – 13 May) to, potentially,  Step 5 – Unrestricted play.

We are currently at Step 3 – ‘Small Group training for up to six people while respecting social distancing’ as ECB guidance detailed on 5 June.

Step 4 is at a date yet to be confirmed and will be led by the UK government’s advice and will only take place when the guidance allows and when it is medically safe to do so.

It will be for  COVID-19 adapted matches for both adult and junior cricket i.e. “Cricket matches adjusted to remain socially distanced with shorter formats and restricted use of hospitality and Indoor facility usage”.

The specifics are yet to be seen – the Board and League received the same statement this week as clubs.

Step 5 will see “All formats, leagues and competitions available with full facility usage”.

The ECB  seem, for the first time, to be conceding this might not be possible in 2020?

They say, “Moving to stage five would involve the removal of social distancing measures, at this time, it is hard to see us getting to this stage this summer.”

The League Management await the confirmation of the details and timelines for future steps before consultation with clubs and making any decisions.

All options remain open at this stage, however we are only a couple of weeks now from the halfway mark of the season it has to be said.

In the meantime, all competitive recreational cricket matches continue to remain suspended until further notice.

This week’s COVID-19 Update for Cricket clubs and leagues can be viewed at


The Board’s Chief Cricket Officer Joe Skinner has invited club officials to a second online Cornwall Cricket – Club Surgery zoom meeting next Thursday 18th June at 6.30 pm.

Clubs can find out any latest news, what can be done within your club to prepare and share best practice with others.

Mitch and I also plan to be in attendance to listen and advise if required.

Clubs need to register in advance on the email Joe has sent out.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting via desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

Last week’s initial meeting proved a success with 20 clubs and positive feedback and was something of a trial run to test the technology.

Next week’s meeting has therefore been timed for a more convenient early evening slot and Joe has suggested that it might well be the way ahead for future club workshops saving time, money and travel.

One interesting point in Joe’s presentation was the fact that an eye-watering £450k has found its way so far to Cornish Clubs via grant aid due to the pandemic.

A significant amount compared to some counties and Joe’s work on this is to be commended.


Insurances – The League advises all clubs that they need to follow the current Government and ECB guidelines to stay legal in the eyes of the insurers.


League Transfers – Understandably these have been quiet this year with 58 completed compared to 199 at the same date in 2019.

Registration Secretary Jon Lambert has noted that he has 14 transfers partially completed.

Clubs are reminded BOTH the form needs to be emailed and the transfer entered on play cricket.

The Registration Guide can be downloaded from


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Michael Weeks

Secretary, Cornwall Cricket League