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CCL Statement / Weekly Update 27 June

27th June 2020 Posted in Coronavirus and Latest and League by Michael Weeks

CCL Weekly Update 27 June 2020

We’ve reached what would have been week eleven of the Bond Timber Cornwall League or ‘the Turn’ as Tiger Woods might phrase it.

In one way or another what a week it has been as well.

At least with Glastonbury cancelled there have been no distractions in compiling this newsletter!

Weatherwise high pressure returned with temperatures reaching a sweltering 33 degrees in some parts – the hottest of the year sending thousands to beaches – and causing some alarm in this period of lockdown and social distancing!

Cornwall got to the mid-twenties midweek. In normal times it would have seen the rescheduled Vinter and Hawkey semi-finals played out, to great relief,  on glorious warm summer evenings.

Sadly Saturday has dawned cooler, breezy and showery – but it’s all hypothetical of course.


As for the potential for any local cricket taking place in 2020  it has not been quite so glorious.

A week ago, ECB advised: ‘In preparation for further ECB announcements, Competition organisers across Counties and Leagues are encouraged to begin considering how they will respond when the ECB advises that we are able to move into Step 4 and whether local competitions are feasible’.

Forward seven days and memories are rekindled to 1981 when former Liberal MP David Steel famously said: “go back to your constituencies and prepare for government”.

Unfortunately for the Liberal/SDP Alliance the Falklands War changed public opinion the following Spring and Margaret Thatcher was re-elected following a Tory landslide, and the rest is history as they say.

Back to the present and just four days turned out to be a long time in politics, let alone a week!

When specifically asked in the House of Commons on Tuesday Prime Minister Boris Johnson stated:

“The problem with cricket as everybody understands, that the ball is a natural vector of disease, potentially, at any rate, and we’ve been round it many times with our scientific friends. 

“At the moment we’re still working on ways to make cricket more COVID-secure, but we can’t change the guidance yet.”

The ECB quickly responded with a counter statement saying they were still hopeful that cricket can return ‘on or around 4 July’

That was also the date given for the likes of clubs, pubs, restaurants, hotels, museums and hairdressers to open up in a major loosening of the lockdown.

Social Distancing can also be reduced from 2 metres to 1 metre plus with mitigations.

We, therefore, eagerly await the possible publication of the ‘Step 4 Playing Guidance’  and we understand an accompanying  ‘Guidance on operating club facilities.

As to where we currently stand Cornwall Cricket League Chairman Mark Mitchell has issued the following  official statement:


 CCL Statement 27 June

“Thank you to the majority of clubs who have now responded to the survey we sent out last week.  The results of this are enabling us to make some decisions on what is wanted from us and what is feasible for the rest of summer 2020.


It is clear from your replies that most of you just want to get some cricket played, even if it is adapted from the norm.  You would also like some sort of competition if we are able to organise it.  However, many clubs are unable to extend the playing season into late September, so that will not be taking place.  A formal ‘League season’, in full divisions, almost certainly cannot now be arranged, but we require a little longer to make that decision formally.


We are sorry that the information coming in from national sources has not moved things on more quickly, but we can only act upon what we are given.  Contrary to a misleading Government quote a few days ago, the position is still that we are waiting and expecting an imminent announcement on ‘Step 4’ of the return to play.  ECB has, to date, been quite forthcoming with the information it has and we have good reason to believe that they are working hard to broker an agreement for club cricket to begin.  Some cricket may indeed be played very soon.


The one update we can bring you is to state that, once the ECB announces that permission to play has been granted and a starting date for this is given, there will be a short period where we allow (and encourage) clubs to arrange whatever ‘friendly’ fixtures they wish to, against local opponents.  To help you, we will circulate a list of clubs and teams which have indicated that they are ready to play.  Those that wish to may, therefore, play cricket almost immediately.


As soon as cricket has restarted as above, we will look at how many weeks of the season remain and put together provisional plans for some sort of organised competition.  A second survey will be distributed to you, asking for a definite commitment to playing in that competition.  Fixtures will then be arranged by the LMC and rules drawn up. 


Thank you for your patience.  We hope that you have been successful in keeping your club running in some fashion during this difficult period.

Mark Mitchell

Chairman, Cornwall Cricket League



The League Management Committee will be making decisions over the next few days on the Mining Division Evening League and the various Cup competitions.

As far as the National Counties are concerned it was officially announced this week that the three-day championship has been cancelled for 2020.

A decision on the 50 over and T20 competitions is currently still being considered.

Many of the ECB Competitions have been cancelled as can be viewed at



Cornwall Cricket Board News

There are two vacancies for Directors of  Participation and Women & Girls Cricket.

All the details at

Following the recent Board restructure several email addresses have been revised and can be viewed at

Notably, Chief Cricket Officer Joe Skinner can now be emailed at his new address of


This week’s COVID-19 Update for Cricket clubs and leagues can be viewed at



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 Michael Weeks

Secretary, Cornwall Cricket League