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CCL Season Start Date Statement

3rd April 2018 Posted in Grounds and League by Michael Weeks

Due to the exceptional pre season ground conditions, and having consulted with clubs,  a common sense compromise has been adopted by the League and is detailed in the Season Start Date Statement 3 April 2018.


Basically the 21st April games are now as follows:


The 5 Premier League games are all moved en bloc to MONDAY 27 AUGUST (subject to Cornwall CCC’s T20 commitments)


The 6 County 1 games may be mutually agreed to be rescheduled for Mon 7 May, Mon 27 August or any Sunday.


The 44 Division 2 to Division 5 games may be mutually agreed to be rescheduled for ANY day during the season.


New dates MUST be notified no later than 23.59 on SUNDAY 15 APRIL or the default date of 21 April remains.


Home club’s discretion to reschedule – the League will not get involved in any disputes.


Games not played will be classed as Cancellations and awarded 6 points each.