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CCL AGM Full Report & Photos

23rd January 2020 Posted in League by Michael Weeks

The ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of the Cornwall Cricket League was held in the Council Chamber of the New County Hall, Truro on WEDNESDAY 22nd JANUARY 2020 at 7.30 pm.

Cornwall Cricket League AGM 2020

Full Agenda  can be downloaded here AGM Agenda 2020

100% Turnout of the 70 Clubs

Mark Mitchell elected as new Chairman, Stuart Wilder new Vice Chairman and Michael Weeks new Honorary Secretary

The meeting stood to remember the lives of cricketing friends who have passed away over the last 12 months:

Vera Sandercock (Boconnoc), Conway Polkinghorne (CACO), Ian Pemberton (Callington),  Nigel Rowe (Constantine),  Michael Williams (Cornish Crusaders), Mike Trott, Brian Chappell and Brian James (Crofty Holman), George Pryce-Hughes (Duloe),

Tom Meneer (Falmouth & Wadebridge), Wilfred Perham, and Ray Ollerenshaw (Falmouth), Robin Couch, Stan Gay, and John Andrew (Gerrans), Brian Davey and Lloyd Thomas (Grampound Road), Roger Allen and Vivian Eddy (Gulval), Brian / Brin Getson (Gunnislake), John Oliver & Fred Angove (Helston), Dougie Oats (Leedstown), Phil Freestone (Launceston), Steve Moyle (Mt Hawke & Porthtowan),

Lively George (Mullion), Brian Morris and Valerie Lugg (Newquay), Alfie Opie, Frank Rogers and Peter Bosanko (Redruth), Jack Burden and Ian Harvey (Roche), Jason Bragg and Martin Rouse (St Austell), Peter George and Dale Gartside (St Buryan), Mick Hudson (St Ives), Andrew Wallace (St Stephen), Ben and Mark Buckingham (Stithians), Keith Olver (Tideford), Clive Ades and Peter Dyer (Tintagel), Billy Carter (Troon), Father Ken Rogers (Truro), Michael Williams (Veryan, Tregony  & CACO), Kevin Williamson (Wendron), Wendy Orchard (Werrington).

The President made the following Presentations of Trophies  

The ‘Lenny Lobb Fair Play Award’ for Premier clubs was won by Callington CC.   87.38%

The ‘Ron Fenton Fair Play Trophy’ for County Division 1 clubs – Beacon CC.  92.72%

The ‘Archie Smith Trophy’ for the outstanding young player – Charlie Kent  (Truro CC)

The Clive Osborne Trophy for the outstanding young eastern bowler– Conway Gilbert (St Austell CC).

The Bradley Trophy for the leading Premier League batting average– Penzance CC   49.37 runs per wicket

The Littlejohns Trophy for the lowest Premier bowling average – Penzance CC   177 wickets at 14.75

The Division 4 & below (West) ‘Sporting Trophy’ for the highest batting average (10 inns or more) – Lee Bennet (Hayle CC) 431 runs at an average of 107.75

The ‘Beecher Williams Trophy’ for the lowest bowling average in Divisions 4 & below (West) – John Phillips (Hayle CC) 20 wickets at an  average of 4.60


Charlie Kent receives the Archie Smith Trophy from League President Clive Rosevear


Committee Report 2019

CACG Report_2019

The results of the Rules Change proposals  were that all 9 proposals were approved

Scroll down for the full proposals

Proposal Yes No Abstentions
1 Promotion Priority 112 0 6
2 Loans U16 111 1 6
3 Loans Permissions 101 11 6
4 Loans Dual Regs 105 7 6
5 Player selection 104 6 8
6 County 1 Youth Cricket 90 20 8
7 Premier 1 up/1 down 21 1 0
8 County 1 Top only promoted 10 2 0
9 Divs 4-6 East 1pm starts 18 13 1


Election of Chairman Mark Mitchell

This for me is a huge honour – to be leading the team which oversees Cornish club cricket, with its 142 teams,
having started out as a 12-year old, dropping in on a club practice session, 47 years ago.
With apologies to those who already know me well, this is what I’ve done in that time –
Youth player Adult player (until Sept. 2017) Team Captain Club Captain
Team Secretary Club Secretary Club Selector Club Scorer County Scorer
County Schools’ Team Manager Youth Festival Founder, Secretary and Chairman
Youth League Secretary Women’s Association Secretary / Chairman Coach
Club Groundsman Cricket Centre Manager County Board Secretary Umpire
… and, in the League …
Well, back in 1988, I initiated the discussions which resulted in the opening up of the old ‘Senior’ and ‘Junior’
divisions in 1990, bringing full promotion and relegation to the west and the creation of the first countywide
divisions, which eventually became what we now know as Premier and County 1. Indeed, I then had a short
spell as CCL Secretary for the first time back in 1990.
Though I maintained contact in several ways, I was largely out of the county from 1991-2010, as a teacher,
before returning and being re-elected to the LMC early in 2011.
As for now, I’m not planning to go anywhere else! I am fully committed to Cornish cricket and plan to take on
this role for a good few years. To begin with, we should just continue the good work done under Andrew Kent
for the past 3 years, where commendable advances have been made: we have responded to the National
Playing Survey results and to our own clubs at various forums. You, the clubs, have also given us great
support in that period, asking us to implement changes with less consultation and fanfare, and we certainly
don’t intend to abuse that trust you have placed in us.
I have already taken steps to bring us further into the ‘modern age’ by recruiting new LMC colleagues, and, in
doing so, lowering the average age and increasing diversity. This contributes towards pleasing the ECB and, in
turn, Sport England, which helps to protect our funding! We have already relaxed some of the more
restrictive rules, making it easier for players to take part, and introduced a system of financial rewards for
teams participating in our cup competitions. There is one further change on the way, which is that I intend to
go out and bring the LMC closer to you, the clubs, by staging smaller, more localised forums in your area.
To close, a bit more about me and my personal approach. In cricket and in life, like to think I’ve made some
good contributions but, like most people, I have done some pretty “rubbish” things as well. It might be rather
revealing to ask a few of those I played cricket with and against thirty years or so ago! However, I hope I
come out on the credit side overall. Cricket has given me some wonderful times and I have cricketing friends
all over Cornwall, plus a few with whom I might not be a favourite!
I would like to emphasise that I will be here for all clubs, great and small, and I have no favourites or
prejudices. We need you all and one of the most important things is that you work together to ensure the
survival of as many clubs and teams you can. It can’t be ‘dog eat dog’ because, it won’t be any good if your
club thrives, but there are no longer very many any other local teams to play against! If you think that I/we
can help you with something, please ask. Wherever I might be in the world, I will never be totally “off duty” …
but, unlike this ‘legend’ alongside me, I won’t quite be working and sending you e-mails at 3 o’clock in the
We have assembled a great team here on the LMC and I am sure that I will love the job, but don’t be afraid to
shout if you feel that we are not serving you as well as we could be.

Mark Mitchell


Election of Secretary – Michael Weeks

This is the 35th consecutive year I’ve climbed those stairs at New County Hall to attend the League AGM. The 26 February 1986 was the first, as a club secretary, having attended previous ones across the road in the Council Chamber at Old County Hall. Ronnie Potts was re-elected as President, Syd Trembath as Chairman, Wally Hodges (Goldsithney) as Secretary and Sarah Trembath the  Treasurer. Income for the year totalled £2,715, Payments £2,216 leaving a balance of £3,022. In 2019 the Income was near to £70,000! The Agenda was on one page only with just four rule change proposals. The Minutes of 1985 had just two rule change proposals – one was to form two countywide divisions. That was defeated but a steering committee set up and it all came to pass in 1990 of course.

I was elected to the West Sectional and LMC (as a Sectional Rep) on 4 November 1992 joining the likes of the late greats Nick Carter, Pete Moores and Gerald Penberthy. 28 years and counting – the Judiciary of today might have given a more lenient sentence! Hopefully, over the period I have some understanding of the system and history of the League and though somewhat reluctant I am most honoured to add my name to the following who have served as League Secretary  –  JR Buddle (1905), HS Prideaux (06-14), LT Polglase (20-39), Jack Littlejohns (25-71), Wilf Edwards (49-80), Wally Hodges (81-89), Mark Mitchell (90-91 & 19), Bill Hocking (92-93), Mike Evans (94-16) and Keith Goldsmith (17-18). There have only been ten incumbents in 116 years!

Michael Weeks

Election of Officers for 2020 –         (Nominations as per League Rule 1.3)

                                                                                                   2020 Elected                             

(a)           President                                                   (Clive Rosevear)    re-elected             

(b)           Life Members                                         F.Haley; W.H. Hocking; K. Davis;  J.A. Harbinson;   Col. R.W. Potts, TD, JP, DL;  W.M. Buzza;  J.M. Spry;  M. Evans,  K.V. Goldsmith.

(c)           Vice Presidents                                        Andrew Kent (nominated by LMC)

(d)           Chairman                                                Mark Mitchell (nominated by LMC)   

(e)           Vice Chairman                                       Stuart Wilder (nominated by LMC)                  

(f)            Honorary Secretary                              Michael Weeks (nominated by LMC)

(g)           Honorary Treasurer                              (Chris Marsh)     re-elected                                            

(h)           Operations & Media Officer               Incorporated within Hon Secretary

(i)            Registration Secretary                           (Jonathan Lambert)     re-elected       

(j)            Compliance Secretary                        (Robert Jobson)          re-elected         

(k)           Results Secretary – Premier / County 1          (Michael Weeks)           re-elected      

(l)            Results Secretary – West                                   (Mike Kent)                         re-elected  

(m)          Results Secretary – East                                    (Jonathan Lambert)      re-elected      

(n)           Independent Financial Examiner                    (Ms Kim Jepheart)        re-elected       


(o)           Management Committee Members (max 10)

                                               Re-elected : (6)    John Buddle, Dave Eggins, Nick George, Chris Leathley, David Lockett, Stephen Rowe.

                                                          (Robert Jobson is Compliance Secretary & Nigel Harrington CACG Rep)    

                Vacancies:      (4)                 Elected: (4)        Mathew Appleton (St Blazey CC)

                                                                                                  Mathew Thomas ( Mt Hawke & Porthtowan CC)

                                                                                                  Andrew Wakeley ( Ladock CC)

                                                                                                  Kellie Williams (St Buryan CC)

                            Ex-officio LMC members: 

                                                Officials Association (CACO) Reps (2) – Alan Cox & tba           

                                                Groundsmen Association (CACG) Rep (1) – Nigel Harrington

                                                Women’s League (CWCA) Rep (1) – Marilyn Richards             

Proposals 1 to 6 was voted on by ALL CLUBS   2 or more teams 2 votes, 1 team 1 vote
















5.1 Promotion/Relegation

Add Rule “Where there is an LMC enforced relegation (eg. under Rule 7 or 21) or voluntary demotion of any team(s) not in the automatic relegation positions, the LMC shall offer such vacancy (ies) to a club in the following order of priorities: i) a team which would have been relegated in 10th  place, or (next) 11th  place in that division; ii) an eligible team, which finished in 3rd  place* in the division below; or iii) the team which finished in 12th  place in the higher division. Any further adjustments will be at the discretion of LMC.


* In Division 2, this shall apply to 2nd  placed teams. Where these teams have equal points totals, the relevant clauses of Rule 6.1 shall decide which team shall have priority.”



Footnote: This is to avoid the stagnation which could be caused by allowing a bottom-placed team, which could be well adrift on points, to remain in the same division, at the expense of a more progressive team from the division below. To apply to 12-team divisions only, not those already having a vacancy.







Rule 9.4 Loan Players


New Rule 9.4.4, and renumber below: “There shall be no restrictions upon the loan of an Under 16 (school Year 11 or below) player, who may be loaned freely to any team.”









Rule  9.4.6 (was 9.4.5) Amend to read: “Provided that the proposed loan player is eligible under Rules 9.4.1 to 9.4.5 above, no notification is required to, nor consent to be sought from, the opposing Captain for that player to take part in a league match.  For otherwise ineligible players, please note also Rule 11.4.3.”



Footnote: This removes the need for the opposing Captain to give his consent to the fielding of a loan player.
















Rule 9.4.8 New Rule    Dual Registration of Loan players.  Loan players may still play for multiple clubs – see footnote.

A loan player in accordance with Rule 9.4 may be dual registered with two clubs to enable his/her play-cricket record to be updated for whichever club they play for. A player may only be dual registered with ONE other club and the parent club has priority on selection. The borrowing club is required to register such a player by adding as a member, typing the surname and club name and searching. On selecting the player the parent club receives a notification on their Play-Cricket Admin page  “Request to access player’s record”. On viewing and agreeing to the request they click ‘Authorise’ but DO NOT remove any roles for that player, just Submit. The borrowing club play-cricket admin then receives a ‘Player record request authorized’ notification on his admin homepage. Open and click Roles and make him a Squad Member and apply to be a League Registered Player. However, DO NOT list him as a PLAYER TRANSFER – uncheck that box. On the Standard Nomination page in further information state, the player is to be ‘Dual Registered’ and submit.

Note Rule 9.4.8 ‘Placing L on the Match Result Sheet’ still applies.


Footnote: Rule 9.4.2 remains in place i.e. there is no restriction on the number of teams a loan player can play for.  However, this additional rule 9.4.8 allows a Loan player with a mutually agreed dual registration with one other club, is no longer listed as ‘Unsure’ on Play-Cricket and their playing record, for both clubs will be maintained.













Rule 11.4 Players and Selection


Add, to Rule “… EXCEPT: i) where that higher team selects and fields a full eleven players who are also ineligible to play for the lower team, ie. a club shall at any time have no more than 11 players prevented from playing for a lower team under this Rule; and ii) that no Under 16 (school Year 11 or below) player shall be precluded from playing for a lower team under this Rule”


Footnote: In 2019, there were odd instances of there being no room to include in a team all those players who were ineligible to play for a lower team.  Also, a young player who has “filled in” for a higher team or been given an opportunity to experience 1st XI cricket for the benefit of his development should not be prevented from returning to his natural level.











Rule 21.3 Youth Cricket


Rule 21.3.4 Amend to read: “No club will be promoted to County Division 1 if it does not have an identifiable youth section, with at least one team (U17 or below, boys or girls), playing inter-club competitive matches* in the current season.”


Footnote: This removes the possibility of a club with no effective youth structure from entering Division 1.  Rule 21.3.2 still allows a club, which has had an unexpected difficulty with their youth section for one season only, to rectify the matter in the next season, without facing immediate relegation.



Proposal 7     PREMIER  & COUNTY 1 2020 ONLY to vote (Premier & County 1) – 1 vote per team










Rule 5.1 Promotion/Relegation


Rule 5.1.7 Amend to read: “Promotion and relegation between the Premier Division and County Division 1 shall be one up and one down, subject to the following:”


Footnote: The existing promotion and relegation rule between the Premier Division and County Division 1 was brought in for a proposed 12 team Premier League in 2018. We would like to revert to the previous rule of one up/one down as we feel that a potential two up two down (20%) is too many in a league of ten teams.  A club should also “earn the right” to be promoted by finishing top of County Division 1



Proposal 8    COUNTY 1 2020 ONLY to vote (County 1) – 1 vote per team










If the above proposal 7 is passed –

Rule Amend to read: “A team must finish in first place in County Division 1 to be eligible for promotion.”

Rule Amend to read: “Should the team finishing first in County Division 1 have fulfilled the eligibility criteria, they will be promoted and the team finishing at the bottom of the Premier League will be relegated.”



Footnote:  A club should also “earn the right” to be promoted by finishing top of County Division 1


Proposal  9      TIER  3 –  2020 ONLY to vote – (Divisions 4, 5 & 6 EAST ONLY)  1 vote per team (max 2 votes)








15.1 Hours and Conditions of Play


15.1.1 Amend to read: “All Divisions 4-6 East matches will start at 1.00 pm and Divisions 4-6 West and Central at 1.30 pm throughout the season.”


Footnote:  Proposed 30 minutes earlier start times in the East. Division 6 Central will remain at 1.30 pm

Toby Beresford-Power receives the Premier Fair Play Award on behalf of Callington CC

Beacon Captain Craig Thomas receives the County Division 1 Fair Play Award

Penzance Captain Greg Smith receives the Bradley and Littlejohns trophies for the Premier Team highest batting and lowest bowling averages.

Highest Batting Avg Lowest Bowling Avg
Wkts Runs Avg Wkts Runs Avg
Penzance 84 4147 49.37 Penzance 177 2611 14.75
Werrington 120 3266 27.22 Redruth 155 2602 16.79
Wadebridge 130 3358 25.83 Werrington 149 3052 20.48
Redruth 134 3331 24.86 St Just 136 2790 20.51
St Just 130 3137 24.13 St Austell 152 3124 20.55
St Austell 135 3036 22.49 Truro 130 3011 23.16
Grampound Road 154 3115 20.23 Wadebridge 126 3252 25.81
Truro 151 2797 18.52 Grampound Road 115 3646 31.70
Falmouth 159 2890 18.18 Callington 118 3873 32.82
Callington 168 2535 15.09 Falmouth 107 3651 34.12