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Top ECB visit made to Cornwall

18th January 2019 Posted in Board and County and Cricket Centre and Grounds and Latest and League and Over 50's and People and Umpires and Women & Girls and Youth by Michael Weeks

Cornwall Cricket has been privileged to receive an official visit, on 17 January 2019,  from Gordon Hollins, a leading executive officer at the ECB, together with Derek Brewer, an advisor to the ECB Board. That morning it had been officially announced that Mr Hollins had been appointed to the newly created ECB Board role of […]


Pitch Renovation Programme a success!

17th January 2019 Posted in Grounds and Latest and League by Michael Weeks

Having introduced the Pitch Renovation Programme back in August 2017 with donations from Neil Tregarthen and Penzance CC we have seen some excellent results from those clubs that have followed the suggestions. The programme was implemented following discussions on how poor the bounce and carry was on some of our pitches compared to others that […]


Groundsman Association Autumn Update

16th October 2018 Posted in Grounds and Latest and League by Michael Weeks

  As some of you are aware, last season we trialled a program of deep aeration throughout the Premier League teams (some lower league clubs also had their squares done). The problem of poor bounce and carry needed to be addressed and it was decided that by deep spiking the squares and overseeding with the […]


Pitch Renovations

19th September 2018 Posted in Grounds by Michael Weeks

Cornwall Association of Cricket Groundsmen We have been able to get a complete renovation price for doing your entire square if any clubs are interested. I have been asked by a few clubs who are lacking in member volunteers to look into this so they can get their squares renovated.   Scarifying – Tractor mounted […]


Drought Advice

19th July 2018 Posted in Grounds by Michael Weeks

  Maintaining your cricket square and outfield during a drought. By Cornwall Pitch Advisor Simon Johnson Unbelievably it wasn’t that long ago where we were discussing the snow and how many football matches had been cancelled and we have now gone completely the other way. Temperatures up in the 30’s and no rain for weeks. […]


Pitch Advisor Update

6th June 2018 Posted in Grounds by Michael Weeks

just a quick note to you all to see how you are progressing this season after the very wet start that we had.   Hopefully for those of you that performed the deep aeration and overseeding tasks on your square last autumn the bounce and carry has improved on your pitches. The root depths will have […]


Rolling on a river

21st April 2018 Posted in Grounds and League by Michael Weeks

From the IOG Website IOG technical turf consultant Alex Vickers, offers helpful advice to cricket groundsman trying to make up for lost time. “Rolling on a river…” The words from Tina Turner’s song have come to mind as I have mournfully looked out to our wicket considering what to do. If, like me, you have […]


Sat 21 April Fixtures – Live Status

14th April 2018 Posted in Grounds and League by Michael Weeks

The LWC Drinks Cornwall Cricket League have agreed that due to the exceptionally wet pre season ground conditions clubs may reschedule their home games due to be played on the opening day Saturday 21 April 2018. The five Premier Games have been moved en bloc to Bank Holiday Monday 27 August. As any of the other […]


2018 Pitch Advice

6th April 2018 Posted in Grounds and League by Michael Weeks

Please find below an article that Rich Modsell, the Pitch Advisor from Wiltshire wrote to their groundsmen about this seasons preparation after the awful weather.    Cornwall ECB Pitch Advisor  Simon Johnson 07934 299 827   CACG Homepage ECB Pitch Doctor Pre Season Rolling Video click Cricket Pitch Preparation Video click Wiltshire Cricket Board Website […]


CCL Season Start Date Statement

3rd April 2018 Posted in Grounds and League by Michael Weeks

Due to the exceptional pre season ground conditions, and having consulted with clubs,  a common sense compromise has been adopted by the League and is detailed in the Season Start Date Statement 3 April 2018.   Basically the 21st April games are now as follows:   The 5 Premier League games are all moved en […]