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Camborne 4ths Withdraw

6th April 2018 Posted in League by Michael Weeks

Camborne 4ths have withdrawn from Division 7 West.

Their statement reads

Unfortunately, due to an unprecedented number of retirements, we will not be able to field a 4th team this season, so will have to withdraw from Division 7 West.
Camborne CC

That leaves 7 teams so 12 home and away games plus the four random games. With Camborne withdrawing four teams now only have three random games so two games have been added as per the attached revised schedule. These have to fit in with ground sharers of course and maintains the balance of 2 home and 2 away on the random games.

Revised Division 7 West Fixtures

As with any Tier 3 fixture they can be mutually agreed to be rescheduled of course.