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CACG Newsletter

20th November 2017 Posted in Grounds and Latest by Michael Weeks

Simon Johnson

ECB Pitch Advisor


Below is some information of what the County Groundsmen’s Association are doing in the next couple of weeks and some guidance for those that will find it helpful and what tasks may need doing over the winter months.


Although the season has finished it would be great to keep your square aerated over the winter. Good for root development and to relieve the compaction. It will also help with surface drainage.


Over the past four years, The Groundsman’s Association has been offering an Autumn/Winter Aeration service using The Toro 648 Aerator, possibly the best machine of its kind.

We started carrying out this service in 2013, as an experiment, when Ten Club Squares were aerated, in 2016 the total number aerated was Forty.

Good root growth is a vital part in producing decent playing surfaces, it relieves compaction, following many years of consistent rolling, allows air into the soil to promote grass growth and aids with drainage during the winter months. In an ideal world we should aerate monthly from October through to the end of December unless frosts occur, however, this is a costly exercise, we have found that our programme in November is within the financial means of the majority of Clubs, regardless of the division in which they play.


The benefit of using The Toro 648 is that it spikes outside the wheels, therefore leaving no wheel marks even in wet conditions, the depth of spiking and the number of holes per square metre are easily adjustable. This service is carried out by CACG Committee Members who have great experience of this machine, for which, unfortunately we have to make a charge of £55.00 per square.

Should your Club wish to take the benefits of this service this year, please feel free to contact either Keith Goldsmith, or Kevin O’Kelly,

Chairman :Kevin O’Kelly    m 07840 566 448

Secretary:Keith Goldsmith Tel 01579 346248



We are continually trying to improve the standards of all Grounds, this is even more important where youngsters are playing, we need to encourage them to start and continue playing, your Square is where it all happens.

For the next few months maintenance is minimal and mowing frequencies during the winter months are dependent on the need and condition of the ground. It is important to maintain a constant Height of Cut on both the square and outfield. The square should be maintained between 15-20mm with the outfield maintained at between 25-35mm. The use of a rotary for mowing the square will be more beneficial as it will reduce the effect of surface compaction.

Hopefully you will all have put on a good Autumn/Winter fertiliser but if you haven’t there is still just about time to keep the square looking good throughout the winter and to be fully prepared when going into next season.  Leaving the square short of nutrients will leave it susceptible to disease and also the newly germinated seed that lots of you have put down will not grow well. If it’s looking a little yellow then maybe time to put some on.


Attached is the Cornwall Cricket Pricelist BHGS Hayle 2017  pdf