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Bond Timber Trophy Format, Fixtures & Playing Conditions

17th July 2020 Posted in Latest and League by Michael Weeks

After a very busy week, we are pleased to be able to publish the Format, Fixtures and Playing Conditions for the ‘Bond Timber Trophy’ for the 2020 season.

Download pdfs


Playing Conditions


League 1

League 2

League 3

League 4

50 of the 70 clubs have entered and 86 of our 142 teams are competing.

We have formed 15 Groups

League 1 will be two East & West Groups of 6.

League 2 will be four geographical groups of 6.

League 3  will be four geographical groups of 6.

League 4 will be four geographical groups of 5 and one of 6.

In the six-team groups, two opponents will be played twice (home & away) and one of these fixtures at least will be a local derby where possible.

In League 4  in the 5 team groups, there will be a  ‘cross-group’  game for the teams with byes each week.

Again there will be two home and away games in each group and of a local nature if possible.

All 86 Teams, therefore, have 7 matches on Saturdays 25 July to 5 September inclusive.

Semi-Finals will follow on 12 September and there will be SEVEN Finals, ie. 7 opportunities to win a one-off trophy, on Saturday 19 September.

301 Group Games plus 14 semi-finals and 7 Finals

Importantly there is a  need for a spirit of cooperation.

We’re “on show” and, consequently, need to make sure that this season is completed.

CAPTAINS have a particularly important role to play.

Umpires would like to deal with the cricket itself, so Captains need to take a lead in ensuring that their players know what is expected of them under ‘Step 4 Adapted Cricket’.

Please be fully aware of the Guidelines and adhere to them

Spectators are not included in the ’30 participants bubble’ but they need to be socially distanced two metres apart, no more than groups of six and they are not to touch the ball!

We have ‘meaningful’ cricket when at one stage as late as 3 July we thought we might not but we all need to play our part.


The Playing Conditions are available here but key summary points include:

The default is 40 overs per match and 1.30pm starts.

However, clubs may mutually agree to arrange alternative dates and start times and a minimum match length of 20 overs.

The ‘League Registration of Players’rules does not apply.

However, ECB’s ‘Junior Cricketers playing in Open Age Matches’ Directives apply in ALL Adult cricket.

Incidentally this includes ‘Friendly’ cricket the Cornwall Cricket Board has asked us to emphasise.

It is a ‘National Directive’, not a Cornwall League rule.


The Home club to supply TWO suitable match balls and spares, ie. one ball per innings.

However, for this competition new or ‘sound’ used cricket balls are permitted.

Any different arrangement may be made by agreement between the Captains.

Red or Pink balls permitted at the discretion of the home club.


CACO umpires will be appointed to League 1 only, and their expenses shall be £30.

Other levels may apply for CACO umpires at £25 but will be subject to availability.


As matches are now of 40 overs the LMC have agreed to use the normal Match Points system including bonus points. 

These should self calculate on play-cricket on entering the scores, as we introduced last year.

I will confirm in due course after setting up the competition.

You don’t have to do anything.


No official result forms are required and press reporting will be online ONLY please using the Press report form – no phone calls required.  


Fielding Restrictions in Leagues 1 & 2 only.


Free hit after a no-ball in League 1 only.


The Format Document also includes the 12 clubs that have opted to play friendlies and their current contact details can be found here


I will keep a running list on the website of all friendly fixtures for the rest of the season so any club please email me with your lists as and when.

The West Penwith Evening League are going to run the Runciman Cup and the new ‘Peter George Memorial Cup’ over the next month and full details will appear over the weekend on the website.

I will make ECB Team Sheets available as a download and email to you as well over the next week.


Mark Mitchell is organising a ball distribution for the 17 clubs that requested their supply for this year.


Hopefully we can all make something cricketwise of the remainder of the season.

On behalf of the League thank you for your co-operation in recent days.


Michael Weeks

Secretary, Cornwall Cricket League