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Become a World Cup Club

21st February 2019 Posted in Latest and League by Michael Weeks

Less than 100 days to go until the 2019 ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup

Tuesday marked 100 days to go until #CWC19 where Trafalgar Square was the focus of celebrations and media coverage across England and Wales – for a snapshot of the event at Trafalgar Square click here.

We want you to be a part of it!

So far we’ve had over 2,300 clubs register to become a Cricket World Cup Club. Still considering it for your club? Here’s 4 good reasons why we think you should – we’d love to have you celebrate with us.

1. Funds for your club

If we continue at our current run rate, we’ll be reaching 3,000 registered clubs in no time. Importantly we’ve already received over 1400 applications for the CWC Grant of £1000. Why is this important? There are only 2350 X £1,000 grants available and they’re being approved on a first-come first-served basis. The deadline for applying has been extended until 30 April but there’s a high chance the funds will run out by then. To unlock this fund for your club, register to be a CWC Club and get your fund application in. More info on funding

2. You’ll get a Marketing Booster pack

The first 3,000 clubs to register receive a Marketing Booster pack containing Cricket World Cup posters and bunting in addition to your Cricket World Cup polo (for our CWC Club Champions) and rubber wristbands for kids. These will be delivered in April well before your event.

3. It’s backed by a national campaign

We’re working with an award winning agency to help us produce a video featuring some former England greats that you can use to promote your events. This video along with other marketing templates will be made available to registered CWC Clubs in the coming months.

4. You could win a PCA England Masters match

One lucky club will win a PCA England Masters match for their club on Sunday 9th June. For full details click here but remember, you have to register to become a CWC Club before you apply.

Click here to become an official CWC Club 


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