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Women’s Softball Cricket



Women’s Softball

What do you know about Women’s Softball?

Let’s start at the very beginning. It is called softball because that is exactly the kind of ball used. It’s roughly the same size as a cricket ball, made of squishy plastic (sorry any environmentalists) and has a pretend moulded seam. As it isn’t a hard ball, there is no need for pads, gloves or helmets ­– leave those to the cricketers.

The bat, now that in my opinion is bordering on a fashion statement – we love it. It is predominantly black with splashes of fluorescent colours, even the grips are bright pink or lime green.  It is very lightweight so you don’t have to go the gym to build up your biceps first.

Kit – the sky’s the limit. It’s more supernova than super over!

Your team can have its own kit, or you can have a set of matching tops from us here at Cornwall Cricket to start your new team off – very bright and colourful or you can wear your own. No cricket creams for ladies in the softball fraternity. That’s the top half sorted. Bottom half – jogger bottoms, leggings, shorts – whatever you are comfortable in. That goes for footwear too as long as it isn’t flip flops. Although I am sure that once you start you will go for a pair of comfy trainers.

So now we have you kitted out, what about the rules of the game.

Usually, it is 6 ladies in a team, although you can have 8, as long as the other side have 8 too or you could let them borrow a player or two.

You and a team mate bat in a pair, one at each end of the wicket and depending on whether you have 6 or 8 a side will depend on how many overs you face.

Overs are 6 balls each bowled either under arm or if you like to try it, over arm.

Scoring, for those who have a competitive nature (and nothings wrong with that).

Each team starts with 200 runs (or points if you want to use that term).

As in cricket you will be awarded a run for running between the wickets, even if you don’t hit the ball.

If the ball ends up at the boundary without touching the ground you score 6 runs and 4 if it bounces on its way.

Runs can be taken away from your score if you are out (stumps hit or caught). -5 runs for an out.

You can also lose runs for bowling too. If the ball is classed as a wide, deduct 2 runs or if it’s a no ball (bounces more than 2 times on its way to the batter or ends up over shoulder height) deduct 2 runs.

You can ‘get out’ as well and the same rules apply as in cricket such as not reaching the wicket before the opposition hits the stumps with the ball, caught out or bowled out.

So, who can play softball?

ANY female of ANY age and ANY fitness level.

You can play it competitively or just for a bit of fun.

You can see it as an exercise activity or even just meeting up with the girls for a laugh and a knock about.

What is there not to like?

Fancy having a go or take a look before trying it out?

Contact us here at Cornwall Cricket and we can tell you where your nearest club that offers Women’s Softball is and which evening and time etc.

Please see table below with information on clubs Winter sessions for women’s softball.

ClubDaysTimesLead ContactEmail AddressVenue
St StephenThursdays7.30-9.30Mandy Hartleymandyhartley22@outlook.coBrannel School
WadebridgeEvery other Friday6-8pmKatie Rixjkchimneys@btinternet.comCallywith College

Let’s see more women, ladies and girls playing softball.

Please click below to see the success of women’s softball in the 2019 season.

Women’s Softball Impact report 2019

Indoor Softball Festivals

DateTimeVenueLink to book
Sunday 24th November10-1pmCricket Centre
Sunday 2nd February12-4pmCallywith College
Sunday 29th March10-1pmCricket Centre
Sunday 5th April12-4pmCallywith College

Ladies Softball League Pool A

Team NamePlayedWonLostTiedPoints
St Stephen21104

Ladies Softball League Pool B

Team NamePlayedWonLostTiedPoints
Grampound Rd00000
Wadebridge A00000
Wadebridge B00000