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Women’s Softball Cricket

Softball cricket is all about fun, friends, and family! It’s a game for everybody, no matter your skill level, fitness or age. Turn up to a festival and enjoy the music, the food, and an overall great experience! Why not bring friends, kids, and family along to your local festival to make a day of it? You can also sign up on your own, the club information page includes contacts for all the softball teams in Cornwall.
Women’s Soft Ball Cricket is great fun and something everyone can enjoy! Use these guides and marketing assets to promote sessions and to ensure your festivals are a success! If you are a club looking to host a Soft Ball Cricket Festival, please email Cornwall Women & Girls’ Development Officer, Kellie Williams: 

Softball Fixtures 2020



Who Can Play? 

ANY female
ANY age
ANY fitness level
You can play it competitively or just for a bit of fun.
You can see it as an exercise activity or even just meeting up with the girls for a laugh and a knockabout.
What’s not to like?

The Kit

As the name suggests, softball cricket is played with a softball, so there’s no need for pads, gloves or helmets.
The bat is lightweight and predominantly black with splashes of fluorescent colours.
Your team can have your own kit, or you can have a set of matching colourful tops from us here at Cornwall Cricket to start your new team off.
You can wear jogger bottoms, leggings or shorts on your bottom half – whatever you’re comfortable in.
Some comfy trainers are the perfect type of footwear for this game.

The Rules

There are two teams of six to eight people. Everyone gets the chance to bat, bowl, and field.
Two players bat in a pair, one at each end of the wicket. Depending on whether you are playing 6 or 8 a side will depend on how many overs the batting pair face.
Overs are 6 balls each, bowled either under or over arm, however the bowler decides.
Each team starts with 200 runs (or points if you want to use that term).
One run is awarded for running between the wickets, even if you don’t hit the ball.
If the ball ends up at the boundary without touching the ground you score 6 runs. If it bounces or rolls over the boundary, that’s 4 runs.
Runs can be taken away from the score if a player gets out (-5 runs).
Players can get out by being bowled, caught, or run out.
Two runs are given to the batting side for each wide (a ball bowled wide of the wicket that the batter cannot reach)
The batting team also gets two runs for a no-ball (when the ball bounced more than twice before reaching the batter, or if the ball passes the batter above shoulder height without bouncing).

Softball Cricket Guide

The success of women’s softball in the 2019 season.

Interested in playing women’s cricket? Take a look at the list of women’s’ club contacts here: Club Information.
Let’s see more women, ladies and girls playing softball!


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