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Women’s Club Cricket

The Women’s Sunday League is the main adult competition for women and girls played on Sunday afternoons. 2017 entrants were again Falmouth, Grampound Road, Launceston, Penzance, Redruth & Truro.

Redruth won the Sunday League in 2017 for the first time.

Truro won the inaugural T12 event at Grampound Road and, in November, Penzance won their first trophy at the Autumn Indoor Tournament. Launceston then did likewise at the Indoor event in April!


Women’s News Items


 WG CALENDAR 2018            Abridged WG CALENDAR 2018

Womens League Fixtures 2018   


July 8                 Launceston v Falmouth          Penzance v Redruth         Grampound Road v Truro

July 15               Launceston v Redruth       Truro v Penzance     Falmouth v Grampound Road

July 22               Falmouth v Truro         Launceston v Penzance       Redruth v Grampound Road

July 29               Penzance v Falmouth          Truro v Redruth         Grampound Road v  Launceston

August 5            Launceston v Truro          Falmouth v Redruth            Grampound Road v Penzance

August 12          Redruth v Launceston          Penzance v Truro          Grampound Road v Falmouth

August 19          Falmouth v Launceston         Redruth v Penzance         Truro v Grampound Road

September 2      Falmouth v Penzance         Redruth v Truro          Launceston v Grampound Road

September 9      Truro v Launceston         Redruth v Falmouth          Penzance v Grampound Road

September 16         Truro v Falmouth          Penzance v Launceston         Grampound Road v Redruth


Women’s League Results 2017   Results