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Women’s Club Cricket

The Women’s Sunday League is the main adult competition for women and girls played on Sunday afternoons.

Women’s News Items

Development League Rules 2019 (Suggested) 3rd draft

Abridged W&G CALENDAR 2019 DRAFT

19 November 2018
CWCA’s intentions for Women’s League cricket in 2019.  Following a recent Committee Meeting and the AGM, we have decided to run two levels of competition on Sundays in the 2019 season.  This is partly due to the enforced configuration of the season, due to the ECB’s scheduling of County fixtures.  However, we have also become aware that the needs of all of our female cricketers are not being fully met.  Club cricketers would like some cricket throughout the season and those at the beginner level of development need to be able to be involved in matches themselves, batting and bowling, and not having to try to compete on an equal footing with established county cricketers.
We have therefore decided that the main 11-a-side hard ball League will take place in the second half of the season, approximately July and August, involving 5-7 matches per club, and that, in May and June, we will organise a Development League for those existing member clubs and any other clubs which would like to join in.  Again, around 5-7 games per team are expected.  It will be hard ball, but 8-a-side, and current senior county players will not be involved, simply because games will be played on the same days as county fixtures.  All clubs taking part will be encouraged to involve all players as much as possible and the relaxed Playing Conditions will be framed towards this end.  These fixtures will also provide an excellent stepping stone for those females who wish to make the move from soft ball into hard ball cricket.
26 December 2018
Here, are the PROVISIONAL fixtures for Women/Girls’ club cricket in 2019.  These are subject to final confirmation of entries in the Development League, any late issues regarding the availability of grounds and, possibly, the odd external factor.
However, in the absence of any such reasons for change, these are the default fixtures for 2019.  As far as the main, ‘County’ League is concerned, it is unlikely that there will be any changes, so you are on a reasonably safe bet to place these in your calendar.
Thank you.
 Mark Mitchell



May 5 Paul v Penzance   Launceston v Redruth Truro v Lanhydrock Grampound Road v Falmouth    

May 19 Redruth v Paul   Penzance v Truro Falmouth v Launceston Lanhydrock v Grampound Road

May 26 Redruth v Penzance   Launceston v Lanhydrock Falmouth v Paul Truro v Grampound Road   

June 9 Penzance v Falmouth   Paul v Truro Lanhydrock v Redruth Grampound Road v Launceston         

June 16 Falmouth v Redruth   Penzance v Lanhydrock Truro v Launceston Grampound Road v Paul



July 7 Falmouth v Penzance    Redruth v Truro Launceston v Grampound Road

July 14 Truro v Launceston    Redruth v Falmouth      Penzance v Grampound Road

July 21 Falmouth v Truro    Launceston v Penzance Grampound Road v Redruth

August 4 Penzance v Redruth    Launceston v Falmouth Grampound Road v Truro

August 18 Truro v Penzance    Redruth v Launceston      Falmouth v Grampound Road


 Redruth won the Sunday League in 2017 for the first time.

Truro won the inaugural T12 event at Grampound Road and, in November, Penzance won their first trophy at the Autumn Indoor Tournament. Launceston then did likewise at the Indoor event in April!

Redruth retained their Women’s League title in 2018.      

Women’s League Results 2018   Results

League Champions   Evening League 2010 – Truro
2002 – Rosudgeon 2008 – Camborne 2014 –  Truro 2006 – Truro 2011 – Truro
2003 – Rosudgeon 2009 – Truro 2015  – Truro 2007 – Truro 2012 – Truro
2004 – Rosudgeon 2010 – Truro 2016  – Truro 2008 – no comp 2013 – Truro
2005 – Rosudgeon 2011 – Truro 2017 – Redruth 2009 – Truro 2014 – Truro
2006 – Rosudgeon 2012 – St Austell 2018 – Redruth T 20 Champions 2015  – Truro
2007 – Truro 2013 – Truro   2016 – Redruth
T 12 Champions 2017  – Truro