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Women’s Club Cricket

The Women’s Sunday League is the main adult competition for women and girls played on Sunday afternoons. 2017 entrants were again Falmouth, Grampound Road, Launceston, Penzance, Redruth & Truro.

Redruth won the Sunday League in 2017 for the first time in.

Truro won the inaugural T12 event at Grampound Road and, in November, Penzance won their first trophy at the Indoor Tournament.


Women’s League Fixtures 2017   Results

April 23 2017 Grampound Road v Launceston      Penzance v Truro      Redruth v Falmouth
Monday May 1 Grampound Road v Falmouth    Truro v Redruth       
May 7 Falmouth v Launceston       Truro v Grampound Road      Redruth v Penzance     
May 21 T12 competition – at Grampound Road
June 4  Penzance v Grampound Road        Truro v Launceston
June 11 Launceston v Redruth        Falmouth v Penzance        Grampound Road v Truro
June 25 Penzance v Launceston           Redruth v Grampound Road       Falmouth v Truro
July 9 Falmouth v Grampound Road        Redruth v Truro      
July 23 Launceston v Falmouth        Penzance v Redruth
August 6 Redruth v Launceston         Penzance v Falmouth
August 13 Grampound Road v Penzance        Launceston v Truro
August 20  
Monday Aug. 28 Launceston v Grampound Road       Truro v Penzance        Falmouth v Redruth
September 10 Grampound Road v Redruth         Truro v Falmouth        Launceston v Penzance