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Indoor Cricket

Basic Rules of Indoor Cricket:

  • Six players in a team.
  • 12 overs per innings.
  • The choice of innings is decided by a toss, which should be completed by team captains 5 minutes before your scheduled start time.
  • Winning teams will be decided by which team scores the most runs in their innings.
  • The fielding team will be made up of 6 players at a time, however substitutes can be used whilst fielding so that a team can rotate players. All fielding players including substitutes may bowl.
  • When batting, only 6 players may bat, with no substitutions allowed.


  • Batters will bat in pairs for 2 overs per pair.
  • All wickets carry a 5 run penalty, and the batting pair should change ends.
  • Shots that bounce across the ground at least once before hitting the wall behind the bowler count as “four” runs.
  • Shots that hit the wall behind the bowler in the air count as “six” runs.
  • Once the ball has hit the back wall for either a ‘four’ or ‘six’ it will become a dead ball and no further runs can be scored.
  • If the ball hits a side wall, the wall behind the wicket keeper, or the ceiling, 1 run is scored. Two extra runs are awarded for every full run that is completed by the batting pair.
  • Should the ball be caught in full off of the wall, then a wicket will be awarded (with a 5 run penalty given to the batting side).
  • The LBW dismissal will not be a valid wicket.


  • A maximum of three overs per bowler (cannot be consecutive).
  • Wides will be called at the umpires discretion, with 2 runs being awarded for a wide delivery.
  • No-balls will be called if the bowler oversteps the bowling crease before releasing the ball and will also be called for deliveries that reach the batter on the full over waist height, or if the ball bounces twice before reaching the batter.
  • 2 runs will be awarded to the batting team for all wides and no balls with no extra ball delivered, apart from in the final over where 6 legal deliveries must be bowled.
  • Bye’s will count for 1 run should it hit the back wall (becoming 3 runs if a full run is completed by the batting pair).
  • If, in the Umpires opinion, a player deliberately bowls a no ball, leg side or wide at any stage of the game with intent to limit the batting sides run scoring opportunity, the Umpire may ask for the ball to be re-bowled whilst awarding two runs to the batsman. A warning to the bowler may or may not be given at the Umpires discretion.


  • Match fees: £15/team of 6.
  • Balls and score sheets will be provided on the day. 
  • 3 points will be awarded for a win, 1 point for a draw, and 0 points for a loss.
  • The playing teams are asked to provide 1 scorer between them. 1 umpire will be provided and the team batting are asked to act as square leg umpire.
  • If a match is tied, the team losing the least amount of wickets will be the winners.

Softball Fixtures 2020


Women’s Indoor Cricket

Indoor cricket is a fantastic way to enable players to enjoy cricket all year round! It’s a fast-paced, action-packed version of the game, suitable for all levels of ability, with easy-to-follow rules and an emphasis on fun and fitness. There are two main formats of indoor cricket, one played with a softball and one with a hardball. 


Women’s UV Moonlight Cricket

As well as regular indoor cricket competitions, 2019 saw Cornwall Cricket’s first UV moonlight event! Moonlight cricket is a fun, glow in the dark version of the softball game, open to players of all ages and abilities.