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Cornwall Women’s Cricket Association

following the AGM (8 November 2017)

Chairperson / Cornwall Cricket Board Rep :

Secretary: Mark Mitchell      Tel: 07805 787858        Treasurer: Colin Phillips    Tel: 01579 344323

Chair of Recruitment / Retention Sub Group Roger Hall
Chair of Competitions Sub Group Mark Mitchell
Chair of Communications Sub Group  Vacant

Elected Committee Members
Senior Women’s Cornwall CCC Manager: Steve Nicholls
CCL Rep: Marilyn Richards                                  CSCA Rep Marilyn Richards
CYCL Rep: Sandra Richardson                      CACC Rep: Paul Bunn
CWCA Press/Media Officer: Caitlin Burnett

CCCC Senior Women’s County Coach – Robin Trethowan

Other Committee Members
Cricket Development Manager Joe Skinner (Advisory)
Director of Development Andrew Jones (Advisory)