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Cricket Centre Sixes KO Cup



AUTUMN KO CUP COMPETITION – Winners to ECB National Competition


(10 overs per innings)     Reports


DRAW                                                                                     Umpires                      Results


Sunday November 5

3.00pm            (1)        St Austell 1 v St Minver                     David   Mitch              SA w/o

4.05pm            (2)        Hayle v Ladock                                   David   Mitch              Ladock w/o

5.10pm            (3)        CSM Cricket v Mount Hawke             David   Frank           MH 130-4, CSM 38

6.15pm            (4)        Porthleven v Redruth Rams              Mitch  Frank               RR 143-4, Port. 64-5

Sunday November 12                                                           

3.00pm            (5)        Falmouth v St Stephen                      David   Mitch              Fal 174-1, SS 87

4.05pm            (6)        Truro Titans v The Road                    David   Ian                   Titans 51, Road 52-3

5.10pm            (7)        Redruth Renegades v St Austell 2     Mitch  Ian                   RR 76, SA2 42

6.15pm            (8)        Perranarworthal v Truro                    Mitch  Ian                   Truro 113-3, PaW 46

 Sunday December 3

2.30pm            (14)      Plate QF          CSM Cricket v Porthleven                  CSM Cricket 109-2, Porthleven 70-3

3.30pm            (16)      Plate QF          St Austell 2 v Perranarworthal          Perranarworthal 83-5, St Austell 2  84-4

4.30pm            (15)      Plate QF          St Stephen v Truro Titans                  Truro Titans 113-3, St Stephen 43

5.30pm            (9)        Cup QF           St Austell 1 v Ladock                      St Austell 1  116-2, Ladock 93-4

6.30pm            (13)      Plate QF          St Minver v Loser 9

Sunday December 10                                                            

2.30pm            (10)      Cup QF                        Mt Hawke v Redruth Rams                Redruth Rams 104-4, Mount Hawke 58

3.30pm                        Plate SF                         Winners 13 v 14                                    Ladock 120-2, CSM Cricket 92-4

4.30pm                        Plate SF                           Winners 15 v 16                                    Truro Titans 73, St Austell 2  73

5.30pm            (12)      Cup QF                        Redruth Renegades v Truro               Truro 104-4, Redruth Renegades 50

6.30pm            (11)      Cup QF                        Falmouth v The Road                           Falmouth 120-3,  The Road 103-2

Sunday December 17                                                            

3.00pm            Plate Final       Ladock v St Austell 2,

4.00pm            Cup SF            St Austell 1 v Redruth Rams

5.00pm            Cup SF            Truro v Falmouth

6.00pm            Cup Final


12 November  Indoor Cup First Round completed


This season’s CCB Indoor Sixes Knockout Cup has attracted an excellent entry of sixteen teams.  The First Round has now been completed, with a few big wins for the seeded teams, so we look forward to some closer contests in the Cup and Plate over the coming weeks.  Both Redruth sides are through, having defeated Porthleven and St Austell seconds respectively, the latter in a very low-scoring contest.  Ben Stevens took two wickets for 5 runs and Craig Williams scored 46 not out against Porthleven, for whom Martin Duck replied with a score of 45.  As expected, Falmouth comfortably accounted for St Stephen, making the highest score of the round, 174-1, of which seasoned campaigner Sean Hoooper made 49 not out.  Not to be outdone, Kyle Prophet brought respectability to the St Stephen score, making a fine 50 before being run out.  Another of the favourites, Truro, beat Perranarworthal, but were restricted to a total of 113-3.  One of the most impressive performances was that of Mount Hawke, who showed they had learnt much from their first season, as they scored 130 for 4 (Rob Askew 40*) against the cricketing students of CSM and bowled them out for just 38 in reply.


Results: First Round – Mount Hawke 130-4, CSM Cricket 38 (Mount Hawke won by 92 runs); Redruth Rams 143-4, Porthleven 64-5 (Redruth Rams won by 79 runs); St Austell w/o v St Minver; Ladock w/o v Hayle; Falmouth 174-1, St Stephen 87 (Falmouth won by 87 runs); Truro Titans 51, The Road 52-3 (The Road won by 3 wickets); Redruth Renegades 76, St Austell 2 42 (Redruth Renegades won by 34 runs); Truro 113-3, Perranarworthal 46 (Truro won by 87 runs).


11 December

Quarter Final Results

The CCB Indoor Sixes Knockout Cups will reach their conclusion on Sunday (17th).  In the main quarter-finals, there were comfortable wins for St Austell 1, over Ladock, and Redruth Rams, who beat Mount Hawke.  The Saints again scored over 100, with three batsmen reaching retirement scores, Alex Ridd top-scoring on 36no.  Ladock put up a fight, but lost too many wickets, and went down by 23 runs.  Dave Legge finished on 38 not out at the close.  Redruth’s first team, the Rams, were never really troubled by Mount Hawke, who lost four batsmen to run outs.  George Bolland made 31 for the victors.  Redruth Renegades were less successful, going down to the experienced Truro side, for whom Tim Marrion scored 32 not out, by 54 runs.  Finally, Falmouth completed the semi-final line-up with victory over a very youthful ‘The Road’, by 120 runs to 103.  Alex Lean and Conor Cooke each scored 27no for the losing side.

In the Plate, St Austell II won a tight match with Perranarworthal, for whom Dean Fletcher made an impressive 50 not out, having opened the batting.  It wasn’t quite enough, though, as the Saints’ second string made it home with an over to spare.  Nick Matthews took two wickets for the winners, as did James Pook, who took 2-11.  The students’ team, CSM, also made it into the semi-finals with a straightforward win over Porthleven.  Three batsmen scored over twenty as they set the village side 110 to win, which proved to be 40 too many.  St Stephen also struggled against Truro Titans, going down by 70 runs, after collapsing to 43 all out.  Dave Krohn took 2-9 with the ball and both Jack Jorgensen and Mark Atkins scored 28no apiece.

Ladock, having taken the ‘lucky loser’ slot in the Plate semi-finals, made the impressive score of 120 for 2 against CSM, who replied with 92 for 4.  Students Rohit Venkateshan (33no) and Mike Hernandez (26no) both made good scores, but couldn’t quite do enough to get near the required total, which was set up by Richard Bray (28no), Matthew Bray (26no) and Simon Newland (26no).  There was some entertainment at the end of the other semi-final, where St Austell 2 and Truro Titans, having both scored exactly 73 all out, had to resolve their match on a bowl-out, which the Saints lads won by 2-1.


Results: Cup QF – St Austell 1  116-2, Ladock 93-4 (St Austell 1 won by 23 runs); Redruth Rams 104-4, Mount Hawke 58 (Rams won by 46 runs); Truro 104-4, Redruth Renegades 50 (Truro won by 54 runs); Falmouth 120-3,  The Road 103-2 (Falmouth won by 17 runs).

Plate QF – Perranarworthal 83-5, St Austell 2  84-4 (St Austell 2 won by 2 wickets); CSM Cricket 109-2, Porthleven 70-3 (CSM won by 39 runs); Truro Titans 113-3, St Stephen 43 (Titans won by 70 runs).

Plate SF – Ladock 120-2, CSM Cricket 92-4 (Ladock won by 28 runs); Truro Titans 73, St Austell 2  73 (St Austell 2 won on bowl-out).


Fixtures (Sunday 17 December): 3.00pm Plate Final – Ladock v St Austell 2, 4.00pm Cup Semi-Final – St Austell 1 v Redruth Rams, 5.00pm Cup SF – Truro v Falmouth, 6.00pm Cup Final.


CSM Cricket                            Matthew Egleton   07852 871194     Hayley Curtis   01326 255966

Falmouth                                Sean Hooper   07411 523887

Hayle                                       Stephen Richards   07969 188909

Ladock                                     Paddy Morgan   07732 989797            Andrew Wakeley   07779 720925

Mount Hawke                        Martyn Stackhouse   07855 497509    Matt Thomas   07800 894046

Perranarworthal                     Dean Fletcher   07492 091660           Tom Pucknell   07921 256379

Porthleven                              Martin Duck   07413 848644              Mike Phillips   07769 623005

Redruth                                  Peter Howells   07399 528999           Craig Williams   07792 734876

St Austell 1                             Kyle Van Rooyen

St Austell 2                             Ryan Bate   07957 173592                 Nick Matthews   07817 754705

St Minver                                Marie Centini   07950 862506           Richard Centini   07756 086933

St Stephen                              Robert Raven   07464 951274

The Road                                Mark Blake   07974 103777               Di Pearce   07800 915578

Truro                                       Rob Harrison   07921 365909              Tim Marrion   07817 743633

Truro Titans                            David Krohn   07415 249935              Mark Atkins   07977 475680

League only:

Methigion                               Andrew Edwards   07891 286063      David Farrar   07788 135436

St Erme                                   Martin Townsend   07964 392328    Nick Cole   01872 270805

St Just Scorchers                     Nick Roberts   07917 606726             Andrew Pascoe   07977 058950