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CCB – Cricket Centre Sixes League 2018-19


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Top Tier Super 6s League

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Sun 2nd Dec 183pmFalmouth V RedruthTo be confirmedTo be confirmed
4pmTruro 1 V St Austell 1
5pmGrampound Rd A V CSM
6pmRedruth V CSM
Sun 6th Jan 193pmSt Austell 1 V Grampound Rd A
4pmGrampound Rd A V Falmouth
5pmFalmouth V Truro 1
6pmTruro 1 V Redruth
Sun 20th Jan 193pmFalmouth V CSM
4pmCSM V St Austell 1
5pmRedruth V St Austell 1
6pmTruro 1 V Grampound Rd A
Sun 3rd Feb 193pmGrampound Rd A V Redruth
4pmRedruth V Grampound Rd A
5pmCSM V Truro 1
6pmSt Austell 1 V Falmouth
Sun 17th Feb 193pmTruro 1 V CSM
4pmCSM V Falmouth
5pmFalmouth V St Austell 1
6pmSt Austell 1 V Redruth
Sun 3rd Mar 193pmRedruth V Truro 1
4pmGrampound Rd A V Truro 1
5pmFalmouth V Grampound Rd A
Sun 17th Mar 193pmCSM V Redruth
4pmGrampound Rd A V St Austell 1
5pmTruro 1 V Falmouth
Sun 31st Mar 193pmSt Austell 1 V Truro 1
4pmSt Austell 1 V CSM
5pmCSM V Grampound Rd A
6pmRedruth V Falmouth

Sun 2 December

Falmouth 102-3 (1 point ) plus – 14 runs Redruth Rams 104-1(5 points) plus +14runs (118)

 Truro1 v155-2 (5 points)  St Austell 1s – 88-4 (0 points) 

 Grampound A (Conceded therefore -2 points and -100 runs CSM (6 points and plus 100+)

Redruth Rams128-2 (6 points)  CSM56 ao (0 points)

Second Tier Super 9s League

Sun 9th Dec 183pmMt Hawke V Perranarworthal
4pmGrampound Rd B V Perranporth
5pmSt Erme V Porthleven
6pmSt Austell 2 V Truro Titans
Sun 13th Jan 193pmPorthleven V St Austell 2
4pmPerranporth V St Erme
5pmPerranarworthal V Grampound Rd B
6pmRoche V Mt Hawke
Sun 27th Jan 193pmGrampound Rd B V Roche
4pmSt Erme V Perranarworthal
5pmSt Austell 2 V Perranporth
6pmTruro Titans V Porthleven
Sun 10th Feb 193pmPerranporth V Truro Titans
4pmPerrarworthal V St Austell 2
5pmRoche V St Erme
6pmMt Hawke V Grampound Rd B
Sun 24th Feb 193pmSt Erme V Mt Hawke
4pmSt Austell 2 V Roche
5pmTruro Titans V Perranarworthal
6pmPorthleven V Perranporth
Sun 10th Mar 193pmPerranarworthal V Porthleven
4pmRoche V truro Titans
5pmMt Hawke V St Austell 2
6pmGrampound Rd B V St Erme
Sun 24th Mar 193pmSt Austell 2 V Grampound Rd B
4pmTruro Titans V Mt Hawke
5pmPorthleven V Roche
6pmPerranporth V Perranarworthal
Sun 7th Apr 193pmRoche V Perranporth
4pmMt Hawke V Porthleven
5pmGrampound Rd B V Truro Titans
6pmSt Erme V St Austell
Sun 14th Apr 193pmTruro Titans V St Erme
4pmPorthleven V Grampound Rd B
5pmPerranporth V Mt Hawke
6pmPerranarworthal V Roche