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Indoor Cricket.

Indoor cricket is a fast-paced, action-packed version of the game suitable for all levels, with easy-to-follow rules and an emphasis on fun and fitness.

Here at the Cornwall Indoor Cricket Centre we currently run two formats. The Big Six format – for businesses/families/friends with the emphasis on fun, fitness and team bonding played with a softball and minimal equipment. This event usually runs from October to December on Monday evenings with a match last one hour each. The aim is to attract twelve teams to play in two pools of six with the Finals evenings between the top three in each pool.

Then we have the CCB League and Cup format for Cornish Cricket Club sides with a similar emphasis but a slightly more competitive edge. Players used more protective equipment and a harder ball indoor ball is used. The Cup competition is usually played first and concluded around the Christmas and New Year period followed by the League in the New Year running through to pre-season. The games officiated by League umpires.
For more information visit the relevant pages on this website and follow the progress of the Teams as they battle it out.

There are plans to introduce a League programme for Women’s and Girl’s cricket and opportunities for our Younger cricketers.

Watch this space for further developments.