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West Penwith Evening League

West Penwith Evening League
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President: B.G. Richards MBE,   Chairman:  C. Williams,  Vice-Chairman:  D Phillips

Life Members: Mrs A.M. George, MBE, J.P.;   Mr P. George;

Joint Hon. Secs.  Mr & Mrs P. George, Logan Rock Inn, Treen, St Levan, Penzance  Tel. 01736 810495

Asst Sec: C. Williams    07760 388703

Results Secretary: D. Leek       Hon. Auditor :  C.D. South

Hon. Treasurer: Mrs. A.M. George MBE, J.P., Logan Rock Inn, Treen, St Levan, Penzance  Tel. 01736 810495

2017 Season

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League Winner plays Mining Division League Winner in a Challenge Match in August
2016 Champions St Ives

2016 Play Offs: Semi-Finals – Goldsithney 151-2 beat Paul 110-7  click
St Ives 110-9 lost to Penzance 111-3 click

2016 Play Off Final  on Thur 4 August  Penzance 122 lost to Goldsithney 124-2 click


1. That this amalgamation of clubs be called the West Penwith Cricket League

2. That an Annual General Meeting [AGM] be held during February each year to make all necessary elections, receive reports, alterations to rules and fixture arrangements. Notice of any proposed alterations of rules must be sent to the League Hon Secretary by 31 December each year, who shall give notice of such proposed alterations to clubs with the notice convening the AGM.

3. The business of the AGM and other League Meetings shall be transacted by the President, Vice Presidents, Chairman, Vice Chairman, Hon Secretary, Assistant Hon Secretary, Hon Treasurer and one voting member from each league club. All clubs not represented at meetings be fined £1.00 for non attendance unless satisfactory explanation is given to the Management Committee.

4. A Management Committee shall be appointed at the AGM to consist of Chairman, Hon Secretary, Assistant Hon Secretary, Hon Treasurer and three nominees from clubs in the league to deal with all matters that may arise affecting the league. The decision of this committee shall be final and binding.

5. That clubs in membership of the evening league shall pay at the AGM an annual subscription to be determined by the AGM.

6. That the league be strictly an amateur league and no player who is being paid for playing cricket exclusively shall be allowed to play in any evening league or Runciman Cup matches.

7. Every player shall be registered by his club with the league Secretary by May 1 each year. No player can play for more than one club in one season unless permission is first obtained by the league Management Committee, following consultation with the respective clubs involved.

8. For the purpose of registration a player having first played for a club in that season shall be so attached to that particular club.

9. That every player debarred from playing for his own league team shall be debarred from playing for any other league team.

10. No re-instatements at all in league or cup.

11. All league and cup games to commence not later than 6.30 pm, duration 20 overs each team. No player shall bowl more than 4 overs in the match. (Rule 11 amended Feb 2017)

12. No player shall play for more than one club in Runciman Cup games. In Runciman Cup games if the match ends in a tie, the winners shall be the team with the least number of wickets down at the end.

13. In league matches no more than two County Senior players can play, no age limit, they must not bowl at all or bat higher than number six. No senior players at all in Runciman Cup.

14. For definition a County Senior Player is one who plays in the Premier 50/50 Cup, Premier League or County Division One. A County Senior player is one who has played three senior matches in that season, (see new rule 23 – 2004) (Rule 14 amended March 2008, March 2009, March 2012 & March


15. Points in league matches as follows :-Win 2 points; Tie 1 point; Draw (through rain interfering only) 1 point.

16. Home club to send results to results Secretary within 2 days following completion of the match. A fine of £1.00 will be imposed on any club failing to comply with this rule.

17. If rain prevents play being started in Runciman Cup matches the game will be played the following day if possible.

18. A team not ready to start at 6.30 pm in league or cup matches forfeits the right to toss. All games shall be played to a finish, unless rain interferes. There shall be no light appeals.

19. If a team is incomplete, they may play unregistered players providing such are acceptable to the opposing side. The result of the game stands

20. If any club desires to enter a protest against another club it must be in writing to the league Hon Secretary, by the Secretary of the protesting club not later than seven clear days after the cause for the protest arose. The protesting club must send a copy of the letter of protest to the club concerned.

21. No professional or match professional to play in league or cup matches.

22. As at the start of the season, any Player Under 19 years old or under 19 is not classed as a Senior

Player. No Bowling or batting Restrictions . (amended March 2011)

23. Only teams that compete in both the WPEL and the Runciman Cup have a vote on matters relating to League Rules.

24. 1. The winner of the West Penwith Evening League shall be the team with the most points at the end of the League season.

24.2. In the event of 2 clubs being tied at the top of the League Table at the end of the season, the winning team shall be the winner of the game played between the teams jointly topping the League table. In the event of the game being tied or drawn, the winning team shall be the team losing least wickets.

24.3. In the event of a winner not being achieved from Rules 25.1 or 25.2, the League winner shall be deemed to be the team with most wins.

24.4. In the event that a winner has still not been determined from Rule 25.1, 25.2 or 25.3, the winner shall be deemed to be the team with most wins gained from completed fixtures.

24.5. In the event of more than 2 Clubs being tied at the top of the League table at the end of the season, the winner will be the club with most wins against its rivals. If there is still no outright winner, follow Rules 25.2, 25.3 & 25.4 until a winner is determined.

25.1 There shall be no re-arrangements of WPEL games other than for Vinter Cup matches which take precedence. No match may be cancelled due to weather before 4pm on the match day. In the event of a game being cancelled the following shall apply:-

• game cancelled due to weather conditions, the match points shall be shared equally between

the teams.

• in the event of a club being unable to raise a team to fulfil the fixture, the game shall be deemed to have been conceded by the defaulting team, and the points awarded to the opposition


• in the event of a pitch being unfit to be played on, other than due to weather conditions, the home club shall forfeit the fixture and points. (Rule 25.1 amended Feb 2017)

25.2 Any match needing to be re-arranged because of a Vinter Cup game, must be re-arranged and played on a mutually agreed date within two weeks of the original date. If the re-arranged game cannot be played for any reason, Rule 1 above shall apply.

25.3Any player who has not played in a match prior to the WPEL play-off matches, is deemed ineligible to play in a play-off fixture or resulting final.

[February 2001 Revision – Rule 14. – March 2004 Revision New rule 22 – March 2008 Revision Rule

14 – March 2009 Revision Rule 14 & 22 and new rule 23, March 2010 – Revision rule 22, March 2013

– Revision Rule 14 and New Rule 24.1 to 24.5, Feb 2014 New Rule 25.1 to 25.3, Feb 2017 – Rule 11 amended, Rule 25.1 amended]


1. League games commence at 6.30 pm.(unless otherwise stated)

2. Duration 20 overs in League and Cup matches.

3. Home Club to inform Result’s Secretary within 2 days of the match being played.

4. No player shall bowl more than 4 overs in any 20 over match, including Runciman Cup matches.

5. All registrations of players to league Hon Secretary by May 1.

6. Except in Semi-Finals, games to be played on the ground of the first named club.

7. No player shall assist more than one club in Cup Games.

8. Reserve dates for Runciman Cup Final are notified annually.

9. Dates set for the Runciman Cup Semi Finals, the Final and the League Play-offs may change and are subject to the availability of Penzance Cricket Club’s ground.

10. Neutral Umpires will be appointed in Semi-Finals and Finals

11. In Runciman Cup Matches, if the match ends in a tie, the winner shall be the team with the least number of wickets down at the end.

12. No reinstatements at all in League or Cup.

13. League and Cup Matches that are postponed must be played within 14 days. Home Club to give opponents 2 dates. Defaulting Clubs to forfeit points.

14. In League Matches 2 senior players can play, no age limit.

They must not bowl at all or bat higher than number 6. No senior players in Runciman Cup. Any

Player under 19 years old at the start of the season is not classed as a Senior Player.

15. Points in league Matches as follows:- Win 2 points; Tie or Draw 1 point.


The West Penwith League was formed in 1902 to formalise the many friendly games that were played in the area between local village teams. Many of the clubs have sadly disappeared since then, including previous winners of this competition Sennen, Sancreed, Townshend, Carnhell, St Hilary, JHB/Holmans, Madron and more recently Long Rock and Halsetown.

In 1966 the likes of St Buryan, Paul, Sancreed, St Levan and Zennor joined the Cornwall Cricket League and the West Penwith League then evolved into the West Penwith Evening League (WPEL) and became a mid-week competition.

In 1934 the Rt. Hon. Walter Runciman MP, 1st Viscount of Doxford, presented a trophy to Penzance Cricket Club which became ‘The Runciman Cup’ for which clubs now compete. This magnificent trophy is engraved ‘Penzance Cricket Club Sportsmans Cup, Presented by Rt Hon Walter Runciman MP’. The trophy then became the WPEL mid-week cup competition, with the final an important event in the local sporting calender. The trophy has been played for annually since then, with the exception of the bulk of the War year period from 1940 to 1945. Walter Runciman was MP for St Ives between 1929 and 1937.

Previous winners of the West Penwith Cricket (Evening) League

1902 St Just 1946 Trenhayle 1988 St Just

1903 Trewellard 1947 Carnhell 1989 Madron

1904 St Just 1948 Madron 1990 Madron

1905 Madron 1949 Halsetown 1991 Ludgvan

1906 Trewellard 1950 St Ives 1992 Goldsithney

1907 Trewellard 1951 Madron 1993 Paul

1908 Penzance 1952 Carnhell 1994 Halsetown

1909 Exiles 1953 Kenneggy 1995 Madron

1910 Penzance 1954 Kenneggy 1996 Halsetown

1911 Penzance 1955 Halsetown 1997 Paul

1912 Penzance 1956 Goldsithney 1998 Scandals

1913 St Just 1957 St Hilary 1999 The Sloop

1914 War Year 1958 Goldsithney 2000 Halsetown

1915 War Year 1959 Goldsithney 2001 Paul

1916 War Year 1960 Paul 2002 Rosudgeon

1917 War Year 1961 Carnhell 2003 Halsetown

1918 War Year 1962 Sancreed 2004 Halsetown

1919 Post War Year 1963 Zennor 2005 Halsetown & Rosudgeon – shared

1920 Sennen 1964 Goldsithney 2006 Kenneggy

1921 Townshend 1965 St Buryan 2007 Halsetown & St Just – shared

1922 St Just 1966 Penlee 2008 Halsetown

1923 St Just 1967 Holmans 2009 Halsetown

1924 St Just 1968 Holmans 2010 Halsetown

1925 St Just 1969 Holmans 2011 Halsetown

1928 St Buryan 1970 Homans 2012 Halsetown & Hayle – shared

1929 St Buryan 1971 Paul 2013 Halsetown

1930 St Buryan 1972 St Buryan 2014 St Ives

1931 Townshend 1973 Goldsithney 2015 Rosudgeon

1932 Trewellard 1974 Penzance 2016 St Ives

1933 Lelant 1975 Penzance

1934 Hayle 1976 Holmans

1935 Sancreed 1977 Les Erbs

1936 Goldsithney 1978 Ludgvan

1937 St Ives 1979 Ludgvan

1938 Paul 1980 Penzance

1939 War Year 1981 Geevor

1940 War Year 1982 Exiles

1941 War Year 1983 Exiles

1942 War Year 1984 Unigate

1943 War Year 1985 Gulval

1944 War Year 1986 Unigate

1945 War Year 1987 Exiles