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MDEL Rules

2019 Rules (19.4.2) updated 10 June 2019



19.1 Administration
19.1.1 Notice of any proposed alterations of MDEL rules must be sent to the Competition Administrator not later than 15th December each year.  Such proposals will be voted on by current MDEL clubs at the CCL AGM in January (1 Vote per club).
19.1.2 The entry fee is £5.00 per team, payable by 31st January.  A team which has not paid the entry fee will not be included in the League. Any club which is not already a member of CCL must also pay the Associate Membership fee of £5.00.
19.1.3 If any club desires to enter a protest against another club it must be in writing to the Competition Administrator by the Secretary of the protesting club not later than seven clear days after the cause for the protest arose, and the Competition Administrator shall call a meeting of the Competitions Committee to decide the matter. The protesting club must send a copy of the letter of protest to the club concerned.  The Disciplinary Regulations (Section D) of the CCL apply to all MDEL matches.
19.2 Fixtures
19.2.1 Each club may select an evening of their choice (either Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday) before the season starts for all home matches. All clubs must visit their opponents on their chosen evening unless by mutual agreement or weather interferes.
19.2.2 In the event of bad weather the home team may postpone the game. This must not be done later than 5.00pm. The Competition Administrator must be informed of any match which is postponed due to the weather.
19.2.3 In the event of a postponement, the secretary of the home club must offer, within 48 hours, to the secretary of the visiting club two dates for the game to be re-arranged and played within 14 days from the postponement (see also Rule 19.2.4).
19.2.4 The Competitions Committee will annually state an end of season cutoff date, at which point the section tables will be finalised.
19.2.5 The Competition Administrator must be informed of the rearranged date.  In the event of either club defaulting the points shall be awarded to the other.
19.3 Playing Conditions
19.3.1 A match shall consist of 20 overs per side.  This may be reduced, by mutual agreement, prior to the commencement of the match. A minimum of 10 overs per side shall constitute a match. There shall be no reduction in overs once the match has started.
19.3.2 All games should start not later than 6.30pm, except playoffs, semi-finals and final, which should start not later than 6.00pm.   A team not ready to start at 6.30pm forfeits the right to toss. All games should be played to a finish unless the weather or light are totally unsuitable.
19.3.3 No bowler may bowl more than 20%, i.e. 4 overs, in the match.  Where the overs are reduced and the total overs are not exactly divisible by 5 an additional over shall be allowed to the minimum number of bowlers necessary to make up the balance, e.g. 16 overs = 3+3+3+3+4.
19.3.4 Batsmen to retire after scoring 30, but may return after all other batsmen are dismissed.
19.3.5 TWO points are awarded for a win, ONE point for a tie or abandonment
19.4 Player Eligibility 
19.4.1 Players need only be registered on Play–Cricket. A new player must be registered on Play-Cricket within 48 hours of playing in his first match.  Clubs without a Play-Cricket site must send a list of players for registration by post or email, to the Competition Administrator, prior to their first match of the season.

Note: Whilst the submission of paperwork, including result forms, is not required in this competition, it is expected that ECB Team Sheet Cards are to be exchanged by the Captains before the match.  The possibility of any disputes over eligibility is therefore greatly reduced.

19.4.2 No player currently playing in either the Premier League or Division 1 shall be eligible to play in the Mining Evening League.  A player becomes ineligible once he has played TWO Premier or Division 1 games in the current season. Under 16s (School Year 11) and below are exempt from Rule 19.4.2. 

i.e.  All compulsory school age players can play in the MDEL without reservation.

However, if applicable will count in the quotas for Rule 19.4.3

19.4.3 Mining League teams may contain no more than three regular players from Division 2 and four regular players from Division 3. A regular player is one that has played 5 out the last 8 games that have commenced at that level in the current or previous season.
19.4.4 No player can play for more than one club in one season unless permission is granted by the Competitions Committee.
19.4.5 A club having two teams in the league may not include regular first-team players in the B team defined in 19.4.2.
19.4.6 Any player who has not played in a match prior to the play-off matches is deemed ineligible to play in a playoff fixture or resulting final
19.4.7 If any of Rules 19.4.1 – 19.4.6 are deemed by the Competitions Committee to have been broken then that team will have any points gained from the match deducted and awarded to the other team. Any subsequent breaches of the rule shall result in a 2 points deduction per breach.
19.5 Reporting of Results
19.5.1 Results shall be entered on Play-Cricket by the home team within 48 hours of the match being played and confirmed by the away team within 96 hours. Clubs without access to Play–Cricket must send their results by email or telephone/text to the Competition Administrator within 48 hours of the match. A ‘line score’ only is required, e.g. “Team A 97-4 (18.1 overs), beat Team B 95-9 (20 overs), by 6 wickets.”
19.6 Knock Out Stages
19.6.1 The group winners, along with the number of best second-placed teams required to make up the draw, shall proceed to the knockout stages. In the event of two teams finishing equal on points the higher place shall be awarded to the winner of the game(s) played between those teams. In the event of the game being tied or each having won once, the winning team shall be the team losing fewer wickets in those games. If still tied the higher position shall be awarded to the team with the higher net run rate (based on runs per over) in completed matches between those teams.
19.6.2 Teams finishing second in each section, at the conclusion of the regular season, shall be ranked on average points gained per match actually started or was conceded.  In the event of two teams being equal on points, the higher position shall be awarded to the team with the higher net run rate (based on runs per over in all completed section matches).
19.6.3 In the event of more than two sections, the semi-finals will be drawn prior to the season but include a caveat to avoid the first and second teams from the same section playing each other.
19.6.4 Venues for semi-finals and final will be decided by the Competitions Committee
19.6.5 The league final must be played not later than the second week of August.


Note: MDEL v WPEL Challenge Match Special Rules
  No Players are permitted to play in the Challenge Final that have not previously appeared for their team in an MDEL or WPEL league match during the current season.
  No bowler may bowl more than 20% of the available overs, i.e. 4 overs, in the match.  A minimum of 10 overs per side shall constitute a match. There shall be no reduction in overs once the match has started.
  Batsmen to retire after scoring 30, but may return after all other batsmen are dismissed.
  No more than TWO County Senior players can play, no age limit, they must not bowl at all or bat higher than number six.
  For definition, a County Senior Player is one who plays in the Premier League or County Division One and has played THREE senior matches in that season.
  Any player Under 19 years old on the 1 May of the current season is NOT classed as a Premier or County 1 Player.
  There is no limitation on the number of players from Division 2 & below providing they have previously played in an MDEL or WPEL fixture for their club during the current season.