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Mining Division Evening League

Following the retirement of Secretary /Treasurer Mike Evans after 43 years the competition was taken over by the Cornwall Cricket League in 2017.

CCL Competitions Committee 2018  MDEL Administrator : Michael Weeks 01209 717985 email: supported by Mike Kent & Mark Mitchell.

The CCL commissioned the ‘Michael Evans Trophy’ to be annually presented to the Champions.

History –Previous Champions 1965-2017‘#

Fixtures 2018

Mining League Rules 2018

Results 2017 at Results

Tables 2017 at  Tables

St Gluvias win the 2017 Final  Report & Photos

2017 Finalists – St Gluvias & Mt Hawke & Porthtowan

Mining Division Evening League 2018

West Section      Central Section  East Section
Barripper Falmouth Camborne School of Mines
Beacon Mt Hawke & Porthtowan Cowethas Crusaders
Crofty Holman Redruth Methigion
Helston Seaview Old Boys Perranporth
Porthleven Stithians St Gluvias
Mullion Wendron                  17 Entries


Fixtures 2018

Tuesday 1 May

Beacon v Porthleven  (b/f  Flora Day)


Tuesday 8 May

Barripper v Mullion

Mt Hawke v Stithians

Perranporth v St Gluvias


Wednesday 9 May

Helston v Crofty Holman moved to 11 July

Methigion v Camborne SOM

Redruth v Falmouth

Wendron v Seaview O B (New Date  due to Flora Day)


Monday 14  May

Falmouth v Mt Hawke


Tuesday 15 May

Crofty Holman v Beacon

Cowethas Crusaders v Perranporth


Wednesday 16 May

Mullion v Helston

Porthleven v Barripper

St Gluvias v Methigion

Seaview O B  v Redruth

Stithians v Wendron


Monday 21 May

Falmouth v Seaview O B


Tuesday 22 May

Barripper v Beacon

Cowethas Crusaders v Camborne SOM

Crofty Holman v Mullion

Wendron v Mt Hawke


Wednesday 23 May

Helston v Porthleven

Methigion v Perranporth

Redruth v Stithians


Tuesday 29 May

Barripper v Helston

Beacon v Mullion

Perranporth v Camborne SOM

Mt Hawke v Seaview O B

Wendron v Redruth


Wednesday 30 May

Porthleven v Crofty Holman

St Gluvias v Cowethas Crusaders

Stithians v Falmouth


Monday 4  June

Falmouth v Wendron


Tuesday 5 June

Camborne SOM v St Gluvias

Cowethas Crusaders v Methigion

Crofty Holman v Barripper


Wednesday 6 June

Helston v Beacon

Mullion v Porthleven

Redruth v Mt Hawke

Seaview O B  v Stithians


Monday 11 June

Falmouth v Redruth


Tuesday 12 June

Camborne SOM v Methigion

Crofty Holman v Helston


Wednesday 13 June

Mullion v Barripper

Porthleven v Beacon

St Gluvias v Perranporth

Seaview O B  v Wendron

Stithians v Mt Hawke


Tuesday 19 June

Barripper v Porthleven

Beacon v Crofty Holman

Mt Hawke v Falmouth

Perranporth v Cowethas Crusaders

Wendron v Stithians


Wednesday 20 June

Helston v Mullion

Methigion v St Gluvias

Redruth v Seaview O B


Tuesday 26 June

Beacon v Barripper

Camborne SOM v Cowethas Crusaders

Mt Hawke v Wendron

Perranporth v Methigion


Wednesday 27 June

Mullion v Crofty Holman

Porthleven v Helston

Seaview O B  v Falmouth

Stithians v Redruth


Monday 2 July

Falmouth v Stithians


Tuesday 3  July

Camborne SOM v Perranporth

Cowethas Crusaders v St Gluvias

Crofty Holman v Porthleven


Wednesday 4 July

Helston v Barripper

Mullion v Beacon

Redruth v Wendron

Seaview O B  v Mt Hawke


Tuesday 10 July

Barripper v Crofty Holman

Beacon v Helston

Mt Hawke v Redruth

Wendron v Falmouth


Wednesday 11 July

Helston v Crofty Holman (from 9 May)

Methigion v Cowethas Crusaders

Porthleven v Mullion

St Gluvias v Camborne SOM

Stithians v Seaview O B


Wed 18 July 23.59              Cut Off Date for completion of all Section matches

Mon 23 July 18.00              Semi-Finals:  Central Winner (h)     v West Winner or Best Runner Up  (if wet Tue 24)


East Winner (h)         v West Winner or Best Runner Up     Rule 18.6   (if wet Tue 24)


Wednesday 1 August  MDEL Final  venue tbc 18.00 (if wet Thur 2 Aug)


Wednesday 8 August  Challenge Match – v MDEL Champions v WPEL Champions Camborne CC 18.00 (if wet Thur 9 Aug)

Mining Division Evening League Semi-Finals 2017

Mt Hawke & Porthtowan – Falmouth 124-6 (A Carter 32 ret no, R Eccleston 28; R Thomas 3-22, S Smith 2-21) lost to Mt Hawke & Porthtowan 125-9 (N Stoddard 34no, J Pulford 26; R Nichols 4-25, C Davidson 2-19) by one wicket of the last ball.

Stithians – St Gluvias 154-5 M Ambrose 31 ret no; A Julian 27, W Bedja 25, S Winnan 24no; B Tann 2-26) beat Stithians 66 (R Mitchell 23; A Julian 3-20, J Ham 2-5,  J Gleadowe 2-8) by 88 runs.


Mining Division Evening League Final 2017

Camborne – St Gluvias 127-9 (A Julian 33, W Bedja 31no; B Pascoe 4-5, M Stackhouse 2-29) beat Mt Hawke & Porthtowan 84 (R Thomas 17, J Osborne 16no; M Julian 4-14, W Bedja 2-7) by 43 runs. Man of the Match Andrew Julian.


West Cornwall Evening League Challenge Match 2017

WPEL Winners Hayle v MDEL Winners St Gluvias

Penzance – St Gluvias 125-6 (M Ambrose 56, J Hockin 33no; M Lello 2-14, J Bennett 2-31), Hayle 128-2 (J Harvey 33, N Smitheram 29no, W Trenoweth 23no, T Hearle 23).
Hayle beat St Gluvias by eight  wickets


The Mining Division Evening League 2016 Semi-Finals

Tuesday 12 July Helston v Stithians

Redruth – Helston 87-9 (I Laity 22; B Tann 3-15, N Rowe 2-8, K Webber 2-10) lost to Stithians 88-5 (K Webber 23; P Boyd 2-4, R Milligan 2-15) by five wickets.

Tuesday 19 July Mt Hawke & Porthtowan v Wendron

Camborne – Mt Hawke & Porthtowan 113 (B Scoffin 21, S Smith 18; S Collins 4-15, T Orchard 2-20, D Turner 2-21) lost to Wendron 114-3 (R Mitchell 33no, G Whitbread 30no) by seven wickets.

Wendron will meet Stithians in the final on Tuesday 26th July at Camborne CC at 6pm

Mining Division Evening League Final 2016

Camborne – Wendron 122-5 (M Mitchell 30no, T Orchard 21no, R Mitchell 20, J Collins 15; J Mitchell 2-19) lost to

Stithians 126-6 (B Tann 30, R Dunstan 20, K Webber 19no;

R Mitchell 3-13) by four wickets off the penultimate ball.


The Mining Division Evening League 2015 semi–finals were:

Mt Hawke v Constantine at Perranporth CC on Wednesday 22nd July at 6 pm

Mount Hawke & Porthtowan 133-8 (R Davis 44, R Thomas 27; C Campbell 3-26).

Constantine 121-8 (C Campbell 56; R Thomas 2-16). Mt Hawke beat Constantine by 12 runs.

Redruth v Helston at Mt Ambrose CC on Thursday 30th July at 6 pm

Redruth 182-4 (B Page 57, G Bolland 42no, O Paull 32, S Kevern 20; S Rule 2-26, B Page 2-35),

Helston 114-9 (M Thomas 32, R Hannaford 22, M Jenkin 16; L Eslick 3-14, P Kent 2-16, O Paull 2-23).Helston beat Redruth by 68 runs.

Final – Redruth beat Mt Hawke & Porthtowan by 23 runs at Beacon

2014 Semi-finals

Perranporth – Mt Hawke & Porthtowan 129-7 (D Dunstan 39no, S Smith 29no; C Yeomans 3-23, K Patel 2-24); Perranarworthal 120-8 (P Lewis 48, D Warman,; J Ireson 2-7, C Madeley 2-24). Mt Hawke beat Perranarworthal by nine runs.
Thursday 31st July
Mt Ambrose – Redruth 123-8 (T Stevens 38no, J Osborne 30, S James 21; P Treloar 5-8), Helston 124-4 (J Matthews 56no, M Jenkin 32, M Crapp). Helston beat Redruth by six wickets with three balls to spare. Scorecard

Wednesday 6th August
Final at Redruth. Helston v Mt Hawke & Porthtowan (6pm) Mt Hawke in by 9 runs

MDEL Champions

1965  Beacon


1967  Four Lanes

1968  Plain-an-Gwarry

1969  Leedstown

1970  Hayle


1972  Pool

1973  Leedstown

1974  Pool

1975  Leedstown

1976  Hayle

1977  Praze

1978  Holmans

1979  Barripper

1980  Pool

1981  South Crofty

1982  Pool

1983  Mt Hawke & Porthtowan

1984  Leedstown

1985  Pool

1986  Hayle

1987  Camborne

1988  Crofty

1989  Beacon

1990  Beacon & Helston ?

1991  Helston


1993  Helston



1996  Crofty

1997  Crofty

1998  Mt Hawke & Porthtowan

1999  Crofty

2000  Mt Hawke & Porthtowan

2001  Mt Hawke & Porthtowan

2002  Stithians

2003  Perranporth

2004  Mt Hawke & Porthtowan

2005  Chacewater

2006  Camborne

2007  Troon

2008  Helston

2009  Helston

2010  Stithians

2011  Perranarworthal

2012  Stithians

2013  Helston

2014  Mt Hawke & Porthtowan

2015  Redruth

2016  Stithians

2017 St Gluvias