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League Administration

Personnel/ Minutes


Patron:                    SIR TIM RICE

President:             C. Rosevear

Hon. Life Members:               F. Haley;  W.H. Hocking;  K. Davis;  J.A. Harbinson;

Col. R.W. Potts, TD, JP, DL;  W.M. Buzza;  J.M. Spry;  M. Evans; KV Goldsmith.

Vice-Presidents:                  T.D. Meneer;  M.G. Mitchell;  T.M. Broad MBE;  P. Grant;  R. Rogers;

A.J. Barbary;  J.M. Williams;   M. Gilbert;  B. Bennett;  M.A. Weeks;  P. Lidgey;  J. Nance;  N Banks.

Chairman of Committees:          A.P. Kent,   Tel: 01579 321240      m 07976 456690           e-mail:

Vice Chairman of Committees:      D.G. Eggins              Tel: 01637 859180  m 07740 049324       e-mail:

Hon. General Secretary:      M.G. Mitchell      1 Woodside, Penryn TR10 8PH         Tel.  07805 787858      e-mail:

Hon. Treasurer:            C.N. Marsh, 17 Leat View, Saltash PL12 4UP         Tel: 01752 840243     m 07914 021433      e-mail:

Operations & Media Officer / Results Administrator Premier & County 1 :   M.A. Weeks, Tel: 01209 717985     m 07901 545688    e-mail:

All Result Sheets/ ECB Team Cards:   e-mail:

All Transfer Forms:   email:

Registration Secretary &    

Results Administrator East:     J. Lambert,               Tel: 01822 481888      m 07887 760046   email:

Results Administrator West:    M. Kent,     Tel: 01209 480776       m 07508 881647 email:

League Management Committee:                Officers plus 10 elected members:-   J Buddle,  S Ham,

D Lockett, S Rowe, S Wilder, C Leathley, N George, R Jobson  (2 vacancies)

plus   (CACO – 2 Reps) A Cox & N Harrington, (Women’s League – 1 Rep)  M Richards

(Groundsmen Association – 1 Rep)  S Johnson,

LMC Appointments / Sub Committees:–  as of October 2018 


Data Protection Officer.  




AK (Chair), MM (Sec), CM (Treas) plus 5 Team Leaders:  SR, JL, DE, MW and DL



SR lead with CP, CL, NH, AK and CM.



JL lead with MK, MW and DE.



DE lead with NG, SW, SR, MR, SJ, MK and MM.



MW lead with RJ and MM.



DL lead with NH, CL, SW and DE.



MM lead with CP, MK, SH, JB, CM and MW.



AK (Chair), DE, MM, DL, MW.



March LMC Appointments were:

  • CCB Rep – Chairman AK with replacements as required.
  • Overseas Player Administrator – DE.
  • Play Cricket Administrator – MW.
  • Trophy Curator – AC.
  • CYCA Rep – SW.


AGM Elections were:

  •  Results  MW (Prem/C1), JL (East), MK (West).




Overseas Players Administrator:            D.G.  Eggins,                           Tel: 01637 859180    m 07740 049324  



Play-Cricket Administrator:     M.A. Weeks,                                     e-mail:



CACO Appointments Secretary:               J. Molden,                Tel: 01326 314027           e-mail:


Recent Confirmed & Signed  LMC Minutes       


 LMC Minutes 10 October 2018

LMC Minutes 21 November 2018

LMC Minutes 12 December 2018