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League Administration

Personnel/ Minutes


Patron:                    SIR TIM RICE


President:             C. Rosevear


Hon. Life Members:               F. Haley;  W.H. Hocking;  K. Davis;  J.A. Harbinson;

Col. R.W. Potts, TD, JP, DL;  W.M. Buzza;  J.M. Spry;  M. Evans.


Vice-Presidents:                  T.D. Meneer;  M.G. Mitchell;  G.L. Mannell;  T.M. Broad MBE;  P. Grant;  R. Rogers;

A.J. Barbary;  J.M. Williams;   M. Gilbert;  B. Bennett;  Conway Polkinghorne;  M.A. Weeks;  P. Lidgey;  J. Nance;  N Banks.


Chairman of Committees:          A.P. Kent,   Tel: 01579 321240      m 07976 456690           e-mail:


Vice Chairman of Committees:      D.G. Eggins              Tel: 01637 859180  m 07740 049324       e-mail:


Hon. General secretary:    K.V. Goldsmith, 2 Cowling Gardens, Menheniot, Liskeard PL14 3QJ

Tel/Fax: 01579 346248     e-mail:


Hon. Treasurer:            C.N. Marsh, 17 Leat View, Saltash PL12 4UP         Tel: 01752 840243     m07914 021433



Operations & Media Officer,      M.A. Weeks, Tel: 01209 717985                  Results Administrator Premier & County 1:                           m 07901 545688 e-mail:


*NEW 2017*   All Result Sheets/ ECB Team Cards:   e-mail:

All Transfer Forms:   email:


Registration Secretary &    

Results Administrator East:     J. Lambert,               Tel: 01822 481888      m 07887 760046   email:

Results Administrator West: (co-opted)    M. Kent,     Tel: 01209 480776       m 07508 881647 email:


League Management Committee:                Officers plus 10 elected members:-   J Buddle,  S Ham,

D Lockett, MG Mitchell, S Rowe, S Wilder C l;eathley, C. Phillips, N George, R Jobson

plus   (CACO – 2 Reps) A Cox & N Harrington, (Women’s League – 1 Rep) ,   M Richards

(Groundsmen Association – 1 Rep)  S Johnson,

LMC Sub Committees:– 2018 to be appointed

               Executive:                                             Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer plus

                                                                                D.G. Eggins, M.G. Mitchell, M.A. Weeks.


               Competitions:                                M.G. Mitchell (Chair), K Goldsmith (Sec), C Marsh (Treas),

M.A. Weeks (Operations & Media), J Buddle, C Phillips,

S Ham, Mike Kent .


               Disciplinary:                                   A.P. Kent (Chair), K.V. Goldsmith (Sec) plus D.G. Eggins, S Johnson, ,D. Lockett (min 3 to sit).


Development:                    D.G. Eggins (Chair), K.V. Goldsmith, M.G. Mitchell, S. Wilder,

S Johnson, S. Rowe.


Rules:                                    D.G. Eggins (Chair), M.A. Weeks, M.G. Mitchell.


Sponsorship:                                  J. Buddle, C.N. Marsh, M.A. Weeks.


Cricket Balls:                                 A.P. Kent, K.V. Goldsmith, M.G. Mitchell.


Trophy Curator:  A. Cox                email:                    Independent Financial Examiner: Ms K. Jepheart.


Cornwall Cricket Board Ltd Rep:                D.G.  Eggins                    .                          CYCL Rep:                       S. Wilder.


Overseas Players Administrator:            D.G.  Eggins,                           Tel: 01637 859180    m 07740 049324  



Play-Cricket Administrator:     M.A. Weeks,                                     e-mail:



CACO Appointments Secretary:               J. Molden,                Tel: 01326 314027           e-mail:


Recent Confirmed & Signed  LMC Minutes       

LMC Minutes 12th Oct 2017

LMC Minutes 22nd Nov  

LMC Minutes 13 December 2017