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CCL Fixtures 2019

The 2019 Draft Fixtures were published on 28 January 2019

The 2019 Fixtures are the most complex compilation in league history as, for the first time, the 13 divisions are using no fewer than five different formats – all which have to interlink precisely with each other to accommodate ground sharing, whatever division a club’s second team, fourth team or ground sharing club are placed.

  • Premier – A separate T20 competition followed by 18 League Games
  • County 1, Divisions 2 & 3 – 12 teams – 22 games
  • Divisions 4, 5 & 6 East – 10 teams – 18 games
  • Division 6 West – 12 teams – 18 games
  • Division 6 Central – 11 teams -18 games

This has raised the bar from what was already an annual challenge, to say the least. For example, in the 12 team divisions, two index numbers (6 & 12) are now not available to use for a ground sharer in a 10 team division, as those index numbers simply don’t exist in the 10 team matrix. If not for Division 6 West and Central being oversubscribed with 12 and 11 teams this year it would have been a real problem to solve. In fact, it would have been impossible in Division 2 West. The second elevens of Penzance, St Just and Truro have first teams in the 10 team Premier. The other nine clubs all have second teams in Division  4 and below.  Thankfully neighbours Crofty Holman and Barripper literally made it possible as their seconds are in the oversubscribed Divison 6 West using the 12 team adjusted matrix.  Had that been a ten team division then it would have been a real headache with maybe playing the full season with byes in a lower division – which defeats the object as that is what we are trying to avoid. A League with different numbers of teams in divisions doesn’t really work when it comes to the complexities of fixturing it has to be said.

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2019 Rescheduled games 

County 1 Ludgvan v Redruth 2 6 May from 27 April
Division 2 West Crofty Holman v Truro 2 26 Aug from 24 Aug
Division 3 West Falmouth 2 v Helston 2 14 July from 1 June
Division 3 West Falmouth 2 v St Newlyn East 26 Aug from 29 June
Division 5 East St Erme 2 v St Blazey 2 6 May from 27 July