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CCL Fixtures 2020

The 2020 Draft Fixtures have been published on 31/1/20

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Thankfully the 2020 Fixtures were somewhat less complex to compile than the previous year, once the divisions were finalised at the later than usual date of 10 January. The decision to return Tier 3 to 12 team divisions was, in hindsight, highly significant in the requirement to fixture ground-sharing to take place across tiers. It is already complex enough with differing numbers in the Premier and,  inevitably, in the lowest division depending on entries. As I remarked on the difficulties that had cropped up at this time last year “A League with different numbers of teams in divisions doesn’t really work when it comes to the complexities of fixturing it has to be said”.

The 13 divisions are, therefore ‘only’ using three different formats – all which have to interlink precisely with each other to accommodate ground sharing, whatever division a club’s second team, fourth team or ground-sharing club are placed.

  1. Premier – A separate T20 competition followed by 18 League games home and away.
  2. County 1, Divisions 2 – 5 comprise of 12 teams – 22 games home and away.
  3. Division 6 (East, West & Central) – 8 Teams – 21 games playing each other three times.

As clubs requested by a majority of 87% in a formal ballot during 2019 no fixtures have been scheduled for the three Bank Holidays in any division. The season has been extended by one Saturday in September as a result.

1        Premier League

The season begins on Saturday 18 April. The final games are on Saturday 12 September.    The first four-match Saturdays see the repeat of the Tribute T20 Kernow Crash competition. Each team will play the same opponent twice on the same day. So eight fixtures again with no byes leading to a finals day on Sunday 24 May. At the request of clubs, the teams have been divided into two non-geographical pools by the LMC, however, some local derbies have been maintained. Where there are repeat fixtures from last year the venue has been reversed.

2      County Division 1 – Division 5 inclusive

The season begins on Saturday 18 April. The final games are on Saturday 12 September.    No Bank Holidays  fixtured so are therefore free for any mutually agreed rescheduling.  The end of season East v West County Finals will be on Saturday 19 September.

3    Division 6

With one game fewer the season begins a week later on Saturday 25 April. The final games are on Saturday 12 September.  No Bank Holidays fixtured so are therefore free for any mutually agreed rescheduling in addition to Saturday 18 April and Sundays.


The County Division 1 fixtures on  the busy August Bank Holiday Saturday are deliberately of a local nature, avoiding Ludgvan to Werrington for example.

Not possible in the Premier League as the index number is predetemined by the T20 Group Fixtures index number – they have to be the same.

Michael Weeks

Hon Secretary, Cornwall Cricket League


Download pdfs from the links below

How the 2020 Fixtures were compiled  Fixtures letter 2020

The following games have been rescheduled

Division 2 West Mt Hawke v Paul 25 May from 8 Aug
Division 2 West Paul v Mt Hawke 2 Aug from 6 June
Division 3 West Gulval v Camborne 2 25 May from 1 August
Division 4 West Mt Hawke 2 v St Buryan 31 Aug from 6 June
Division 5 West Stithians 2 v Porthleven 2 25 May from 18 April
Division 6 West St Just 4 v Porthleven 2 18 April from 5 Sept
Division 6 West Barripper 2 v St Just 4 19 July from 18 July
Division 6 East St Stephen 2 v Launceston 3 25 May from 5 Sept

          Premier League          prem fixs 20

The 2020 Divisions