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26 October 2018

Player Transfers Statement Transfers Statement Oct 2018


A reminder the deadline is next Wednesday 31st October

Promotions/Relegations/Divisions 2019

These cannot be confirmed until after the collection of fees and the Clubmark closing date of 31st October.

The LMC’s November Meeting is scheduled for the 21st so expect an announcement shortly after.


There has only been a handful of proposals from clubs this year so in accordance with Rule, there is no need for an autumn ballot.

The AGM is scheduled for County Hall at Truro on Wednesday 23 January at 7.30pm.

The Agenda should, as usual,  be sent out around 2 January all being well.

Cricket Balls

The Club’s meetings were generally of the opinion that Division 3 should step up in quality to the Buckingham ball @£16.50 as opposed to the Blenheim @ £13.50.

It was also suggested that there might be two balls per match instead of one in Division 3.

An email ballot will, therefore, be conducted before Christmas so clubs know where they are when ordering in the New Year.

That cannot be done of course until the make-up of Division 3 is confirmed next month.

Friendlies required

We are a very sociable Cricket Club from South Shropshire and will be staying in Newquay over the weekend of 29th & 30th June 2019. We are looking for a couple of friendly games on those dates.

Please visit our website to find out more about us and feel free to telephone me if you wish on 01694781331 or 07896823438.



19 October 2018

2 Files

Clubs’ Meetings Report (6 pages) Clubs’ Autumn Meeting Report

2019 Season Plan separate (1 page) 2019 Divisions Set Up September 2019 Season Dates & Arrangements






 Spring 2019

ECBACO/CACO Umpire Education Stage 1  & Stage 2 courses  details


If anyone is interested in a course to learn to score using the Play-Cricket Scorer Pro Laptop system contact by 15 November 2018

ACO Scorers Officer and Course Administrator:

Margaret Ireland, Tel: 01209 213453  m: 07753 230351  e-mail:


 13 October 2018


 The Final League Tables have now been published

This follows two appeals that were heard on 11 October by the Cornwall Cricket Board Ltd, the outcomes of which are final and binding.

Div 3 West  Sat 25th August  Camborne II v St Buryan. 

Match Result: Camborne II 18 points, St Buryan 5 points.

A CCL Disciplinary Hearing resulted:

St Buryan awarded 10pts, Camborne deducted 10pts (plus 10pts suspended) for playing ineligible players 75% Rule.

An appeal by Camborne CC to the CCB was heard on 11 October and denied.

Div 4 East Saturday 8 September Bude II v Newquay III

Match Result: Newquay III 18 points, Bude II 6 points.

A CCL Disciplinary Hearing resulted:

The Match Points stood but Newquay are deducted 5pts for failing to register a player correctly in accordance with Rule 9.3.2.

An appeal by Bude (North Cornwall CC) to the CCB was heard on 11 October and upheld due to a breach of the intention of Rule (playing higher division players after third week of August).

Bude II awarded 10 points and Newquay deducted 10 points.

The Match Points are therefore adjusted to  Bude II 16 points, Newquay III 3 points.

Promotions & Relegations

The 2018 Promotions and Relegations will not be verified until November, following the Clubmark deadline on 31st October.

However the following issues have been decided by the LMC this week:

Re-election – Pencarrow 2, Falmouth 4, Grampound Road 4 – all approved.

Applications – Perranarworthal 3, St Minver 2 and St Stephen 2 – all accepted.


League Secretary

An era ended this week when Keith Goldsmith attended his final LMC meeting as League Secretary.

He announced at the beginning of the year he would be retiring after the end of the season.

He has served the League for a fortnight short of 21 years.

He was elected as successor to Veryan’s Bill Hocking as the Eastern Section Secretary, on 25th October 1997.

The East & West Sections of the League formally merged into a single LMC at the AGM in January 2001.

Mark Mitchell was appointed by the LMC as Assistant League Secretary in April and he steps up, with immediate effect, to Acting League Secretary until the AGM in January.

Contact details: M.G. Mitchell, 1 Woodside, Penryn TR10 8PH       Tel: 07805 787858      e-mail :

This will be his second term in office.  He succeeded Wally Hodges as League Secretary in 1990, for two years, before moving up country to work.


18 September 2018


Clubs’ Meetings

These will be held over three successive nights 16th, 17th and 18th October.

As last year Premier & County 1 and Div 2 West and below at the Cornwall Cricket Centre and the East at Bodmin RFC. Meetings start at 7pm

The specific dates for each meeting to follow.

2  Applications to enter the League / Re-elections by 1st  October please

To Seek Re-election

The bottom team in the lowest Divisions:       Falmouth 4      Pencarrow 2

Also for conceding 3 or more games in the lowest Division:   Grampound Rd 4


3  Rule Proposals – A reminder of the new rules – no automatic Autumn ballot.

1.4.2 Suggested changes to the Constitution or Rules must be received by the League Secretary by 1st October. No seconder is required for such submissions or proposals, which may be amended only by the LMC after the 1st October deadline.         The information supplied may, but is not obliged to, include the wording of the suggested change and any supporting justification.
1.4.3 The LMC, acting in the best interest of all clubs in the League, shall consider all such suggestions or proposals and carefully formulate proposals on matters it considers appropriate for potential change. It may also construct further proposals on any topics as it deems necessary.        These proposals, as formulated by LMC, are to be circulated to clubs so they can be balloted by e-mail. This process will only be used, if needed, to reduce the proposals to a manageable number for the AGM. Proposals identified by the LMC as worthy of progressing to the AGM will not be e-mail balloted.        Only proposals that gain 50% or more of votes cast will be carried forward to the League AGM unless otherwise proposed by the LMC. Votes cast on the proposals will be as Rules 1.9.3 to


The LMC ‘Anyone for Cricket’ Facebook page recently included a general debate on the future. It is attached for information. Any additional views or about the formatting of the divisions for the 2020 season are invited to the League for discussion at the Clubs’ Meetings.

4 League Averages – A reminder please check all your play-cricket scorecards are online home and away and are in full for both innings no later than 1st October. Missing information won’t be included in the Official Averages. No need to submit forms any more.

5  2019 Season – Any clubs with doubts over an existing team remaining in the League please advise asap. A reminder the Divisions as at 31st December will not be altered.

6  CACG We have been able to get a complete renovation price for doing your entire square if any clubs are interested. I have been asked by a few clubs who are lacking in member volunteers to look into this so they can get their squares renovated.

  • Scarifying – Tractor mounted scarifier                    £30 per pitch.
  • Seeding – with tractor mounted disc seeder            £150 per square
  • Topdressing and drag matting –                             £250 per square
  • He can also remove “saddles” from pitch ends with a different machine. POA

None of the above includes materials. These can be bought through BHGS.

If you feel this something that may interest your club, please contact me to arrange details with the contractor.

Kind Regards

Simon Johnson

Regional Pitch Advisor South West

Grounds & Natural Turf Improvement Programme

Institute of Groundsmanship

Tel:  Work 07934 299 827

Home 07875080366