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Cornwall League

The Cornwall Cricket League

sponsored by LWC Drinks (formerly Jolly’s Drinks) since 1998

The League was formed in 1905 and is the only Saturday League in Cornwall. It presently comprises of 69 clubs and 142 competing teams in 13 divisions. The League is administered by a countywide League Management Committee click who meet monthly at the Cornwall Cricket Centre at Truro.

The ECB accredited Cornwall Premier League was established in 2001 with County Division 1 also being a countywide division. Previously the East and West had joined to form two countywide divisions in 1990.  Tier 1 – County Division 1 – countywide; Tier 2 – Divisions 2 & 3 East & West; Tier 3 – Divisions 4 & below East & West. The Annual General Meeting is held at County Hall, Truro in the month of January.

Officials 2018

elected at the AGM at County Hall, Truro on 24th January

Patron: Sir Tim Rice

President: C. Rosevear

Hon. Life Members:  W.H. Hocking;  K. Davis; J.A. Harbinson; Col R W Potts  TD, JP, DL; WM Buzza, J.M. Spry, M Evans

Vice-Presidents: TD Meneer; MG Mitchell; GL Mannell; TM Broad MBE; P Grant; R Rogers;  AJ Barbary; M Williams; M Gilbert, B Bennett, Conway Polkinghorne, MA Weeks, P Lidgey, J Nance, N Banks.

Chairman of Committees:     AP Kent       m 07976 456690              Vice Chairman of Committees: DG Eggins  m 07740 049324      

Hon. Secretary: KV Goldsmith, Tel/Fax: (01579) 346248  2 Cowling Gardens, Menheniot, Liskeard PL14 3QJ

Hon. Treasurer: CN Marsh   Tel: (01752) 840243  m 07914 021433

Operations & Media Officer, Results Premier League & C1   MA Weeks,     Tel: (01209) 717985, m 07901 545688

Registration & Results East Secretary :   J Lambert Tel: 01752 842523   m 07887 760046

Results West: M. Kent

Independent Financial Examiner: Ms K Jepheart

League Management Committee: Officers (as above) plus 10 elected members:- J Buddle, MG Mitchell, S Wilder,  S Ham, D Lockett, S Rowe. C Phillips, C Leathley, co-opted February – N George, R Jobson.

plus Cornwall Association of Cricket Officials – 2 Reps   A Cox & N Harrington

Groundsmen Association Rep – S Johnson,

Women’s League Rep – Mrs M Richards


LMC Appointments  (April 2018)

Assistant Sec. Mark Mitchell


Data Protection Officer. DE


Executive. AK (Chair), KG (Sec), CM (Treas) plus 6 Team Leaders:  SR, JL, DE, MW, DL and MM.


Finance. SR lead with CP, CL, NH, AK and CM.


Registration. JL lead with MK, MW and DE.


Development. DE lead with NG, SW, SR, MR, SJ, MK and MM.


Operations. MW lead with RJ and MM.


Compliance. DL lead with KG, NH, CL, SW and DE.


Competitions. MM lead with CP, MK, KG, SH, JB, CM and MW.


Rules. AK (Chair), DE, MM, DL, MW.


CACO Appointments: John Molden  Tel: 01326 314027

March LMC Appointments were:

  • CCB Rep – Chairman AK with replacements as required.
  • Overseas Player Administrator – DE.
  • Play Cricket Administrator – MW.
  • Trophy Curator – AC.
  • CYCA Rep – SW.


AGM Elections were:

  •   MW (Prem/C1), JL (East), MK (West).

Recent & Current League Management Committee Members and the Year elected

NameYear Elected
M Evans1973 -2016
N Banks1987 2016
JM Spry1988 - 2013
MA Weeks (Media Officer 10/1/95)1992 -
KV Goldsmith1997 -
D Codd2002 - 2017
AP Kent2002 - 2014, 2017-
J Buddle2004 -
MV Hassell2004 - 2016
A Thomas2007 - 2016
G Ivey2008 - 2015
MG Mitchell2011 -
A Bridges2011 - 2015
N Harrington2011 - 2013, 2017 -
C Rosevear2012 -
J Lambert2012 -
N Long2012 - 2016
K O'Kelly2012 - 2017
R Chynoweth2013 -2014
DG Eggins2013 -
CN Marsh2014 -
S Bailey2014 - 2016
S Johnson2015 -
D Kirwan2016
C Phillips2016 -
S Wilder2016 -
A Angove2017
S Ham2017 -
D Lockett2017 -
J Martin2017
S Rowe2017 -
A Cox2017 -
M Kent2017 -
Mrs M Richards2017 -
C Leathley2018 -
N George2018 -
R Jobson2018 -