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Meet the Team

Mrs Anita George MBE
Independent Chairperson

Joe Skinner
Chief Cricket Officer

Steve Oakley
Director of Finance

Peter Howells
Director of Investments

Andrew Jones
Director of Performance

Tamsin Heayn
Director of Volunteers

Trevor Lee
Non Executive Director

Sharon Dee
Non Executive Director - Governance

Kelley Butcher
Non Executive Director - Safeguarding

Chris Hunkin
Performance Manager

Craig Williams
Community Development Officer

Michelle Kent
Board Secretary & Project Manager

Kellie Williams
Women and Girls Development Officer

Mustafa Shaikh
Cricket Centre Manager / All Stars East Champion

Director of Participation

Director of Women & Girls

Cornwall Cricket Board Ltd

Updated 22 June 2020

Board Governance Structure 2020

Full Board 19 Voting Members

Executive (11)

Non Executive Chairperson – Mrs Anita George MBE

Chief Cricket Officer:  Joe Skinner    Tel: 01872 267138  m 07785 722251

Director of Finance:   Steve Oakley

Director of Investments – Peter Howells

Director of Participation : to be appointed   

Director of Performance:  Andrew Jones

Director of Volunteers: Tamsin Heayn

Director of Women & Girls : to be appointed   

Non Executive Director: Trevor Lee

Non Executive Director Governance: Sharon Dee

Non Executive Director Safeguarding: Kelley Butcher




Non Executive Members (8)

Godfrey Furse (CCCC), Mark Mitchell (CCL)

Rob Harrison (CACC), Mark Williams (CYCA), John Molden (CACO),

Tim Marrion (CSCA), Robert Jobson (CACG), Marilyn Richards (CWCA)


Members Without Voting Rights (3)

Secretary to the Board: Michelle Kent

Cornwall Sports Partnership (CSP)

Hon. Media Officer & Yearbook Editor: Michael Weeks    Tel: 01209 717985  m 07901 545688

Professional Cricket Board Staff (6)

Cornwall Cricket Board Office – Tel: 01872 267138

Chief Cricket Officer:  Joe Skinner Tel: 07785 722251 

Performance Manager: Chris Hunkin Tel: 07980 768228

Community Development Officer: Craig Williams Tel:07792 734876

Project Manager & Schools Competition Manager: Michelle Kent  Tel: 01872 267138

Cricket Centre Manager / All Stars Cricket Champion (East): Mustafa Shaikh Tel: 07429 720027

Women and Girls Development Officer: Kellie Williams Tel: 07842 765445

Volunteer Staff  (3)

County Safeguarding Officer:

Debbie Clifton-Griffith – Tel: 07762 939046

ECB County Pitch Advisors

East – Steve Fry, Tel: 01288 341200 email

West – Jamie Stevens, m:07737 312727 email


Abbreviations: CACC – Cornwall Association Cricket Coaches; CCCC – Cornwall County Cricket Club; CCL – Cornwall Cricket League; CSCA – Cornwall Schools’ Cricket Association; CYCA – Cornwall Youth Cricket Association, CACO – Cornwall Association of Cricket Officials, CACG – Cornwall Association of Cricket Groundsmen, CWCA – Cornwall Women’s Cricket Association

The Cornwall Cricket Board was formed in 1996 and brought together all the cricketing bodies in the County under one umbrella.  CCB History

The Board is the direct link to the ECB from the County and employs the Cornwall Chief Cricket Officer/ Development Manager, Cricket Performance Manager, Community Development Officer, Project & Schools Competitions Manager, Women and Girls Development Officer and a Cricket Centre Manager.