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CCB Development Plan

CCB Development Plan

In 2012 the ECB changed the way Cricket Boards work from key achieving performance indicators to an outcome based approach.

The Cornwall Cricket Board Ltd was tasked with producing an outcome based plan that will help drive cricket in Cornwall forwards for the next three or four years.

The process for completing this key document was:

  1. Understand the process of an outcome based approach with support from the ECB
  2. Understand the purpose of the CCB, Associations and clubs in the new thinking
  3. Understand the needs of the CCB and its customers
  4. Define CCB and Associations roles in the LTDP process
  5. Prioritise aims and objectives for the LTDP across all aspects of cricket in Cornwall
  6. Collate LTDP as a working document
  7. Go out to consultation with CCB and its customers
  8. Finalise LTDP

This is a piece of work that is linked into the National Club Strategy. It will help Cornwall Cricket Board Ltd to define its priorities.  Each association has produced its own Development Plan.  The most important objectives from each of these have been incorporated into the Board’s LONG TERM STRATEGIC DEVELOPMENT PLAN FOR 2013-2017. Cornwall Cricket Board Ltd STRATEGIC PLAN

If anyone has any questions on the Cornwall Strategy, please call Joe Skinner, Chief Cricket Officer on 01872 267138 or