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Cornwall Cricket Board AGM Report

13th March 2018 Posted in Board and Latest by Michael Weeks

The 7th Annual General Meeting of Cornwall Cricket Board Ltd was held on Monday 12 March 2018 at the Cornwall Cricket Centre, Truro, commencing at 6.00pm.


Chris Leathley retired as Director of Cricket after a three year term.

The Cornwall Association of Cricket Officials  Secretary & Treasurer Rodney Fine stood down as Director of Administration and was elected Director of Cricket unopposed.

Rodney Fine

Tamsin Heayn of Truro Cricket Club  was elected Director of Administration unopposed. She becomes the 60th person to serve on the Board since its inception in 1996.

Tamsin Heayn

Mrs Anita George MBE (Independent Chair) and Trevor Lee (Non Executive Director) retired by rotation following a three year term. Both were re-elected for a second term unopposed.

Board Structure 2018

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1 That, in the Articles of Association, Rule 14.2 be amended:  “14.2 The maximum (unbroken) period of office for the Independent Chair and Non-Executive Director(s) shall be three terms of 3 Years”

Renumber 14.2 as 14.3


2 In the Articles of Association, add: “12.6  CCB Limited adopts the full requirements of Sport England’s Code for Sports Governance, will continue to work towards increasing gender parity and greater diversity, and the Board will comprise of a minimum of 30% female directors.”


3 (Correction to) Final paragraph of Article 15.1:  “Members will be elected by each member organisation on the basis of one Director Voting Member for each of the member organisations, i.e. CCCC, CCL, CYCL, CSCA, CACO, CACC, CWCA & CACG.”


4 That Article 20 shall be deleted, as it is a duplicate of Article 10.  Renumber following rules. Approved
5 That the position of ‘Director of Facilities’ shall be added to the list of Directors and to the list of Voting Members held by the Secretary. Approved


AGM Director Elections


Director of Cricket Rodney Fine Elected unopposed
Director of Administration Tamsin Heayn Elected unopposed
Independent Chair Anita George MBE Re-elected for a second three –year term unopposed
Non-Executive Director Trevor Lee Re-elected for a second three –year term unopposed