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£4500 Reality League Rewards

12th November 2019 Posted in League by Michael Weeks


We have pleasure in announcing the Reality League Championship results for 2019, along with a prize cheque for around half of our league clubs.  These prizes are supported by the “Performance” funding we receive from the ECB and our Reality League is the leader in its field.  A total of £4500 is being distributed to Cornish clubs this season, but you will see elsewhere that this is only part of a process which will see even more funding ploughed back into clubs over the next few seasons.  Look out for news on the various CCL-run cup competitions.

It is pleasing to see the amazing efforts being made by some clubs, which have begun women/girls’ cricket, “AllStars” or welcomed more young players into their Saturday teams.  Their outstanding efforts can be seen via a quick look at the final Reality League tables. Our outstanding performer of 2019 must be St Stephen Cricket Club, which amassed a staggering points total!  All we really want is to see more people playing more cricket, and in a welcoming environment, with good, well-maintained facilities.  It doesn’t need us to explain to you that this is a self-perpetuating process, which in turn encourages more people to play cricket and provides more volunteers with whom to grow your club even more.

Well done to those who have scored loads of “Reality” points this year!  However, we do understand that many of you are being successful in other ways and have provided cricket for your members without hitting the categories which bring Reality League points: the league is not a foolproof indicator of how hard your volunteers have worked.  If you have any good ideas for categories we could include in the future, please let us know.  In particular, if there is a way in which we could measure and reward improvements in club facilities or events you have held, we want to hear from you.

Thank you for all your hard work.

League Management Committee

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