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Aug 17, 2016

CCL Secretary Arrangements

 Michael Evans will be out of action for a few months.
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Posted by: mikew





Jolly's Drinks Cornwall League Secretary Mike Evans is convalescing  heart valve operation.  Therefore for the foreseeable future he will NOT be carrying out any Cricket League duties.


Keith Goldsmith is the Acting League Secretary .

Please note his new contact email is

K.V. Goldsmith, 2 Cowling Gardens, Menheniot, Liskeard PL14 3QJ

                                                            Tel/Fax: 01579 346248 



No Telephone Calls to Mike Evans please from now on  – they will not be taken.


Any emails to    can still be sent  however as they are automatically being forwarded and monitored.             


Official Result Forms

With immediate effect these are now to be posted or emailed to Michael Weeks for Premier. County 1 and West Divisions 2-6.

CCL Results, M.A.Weeks, 9 Moor Street, Camborne TR14 8HN       



Transfer Forms – Tier 3 only at this point of the season – send the form by post or email to Keith Goldsmith.  He will approve and instruct Jon Lambert to make the transfer on play-cricket as usual.


Saturday Night Result Reporting

Mike takes half the calls on a Saturday night  which, needless to say, now creates a problem.


Can I please, please ask that your club can help in the following way if at all possible and not already doing so.


Premier – no changes to the present set ups as I need full scorecards.


All Other Divisions

IF at all possible can your result be submitted via  the ‘Press Form’ button at the foot of every page on this website.


This is a simple pre constructed form that can be completed by anyone with a device with an  internet connection by 8.45pm please. It is a great benefit to us as the email we then receive is formatted correctly to help speed our typing for the newspaper on the night. You get an automatic response when sent and we also manually send a ‘Thanks’ when we get a chance.


Results can also be emailed in general to


For those who do phone results  a warning there might be a delay at times in answering from what has been the norm in the past. If so please be patient and try again in five minutes. I take calls at any time on Saturdays so if you’ve finished please let me have it asap. The earlier the better for all concerned. Concessions or Cancellations can be entered on play-cricket as early as possible please. No need for a phone call if done by 8.45pm


I will have to be a little sharper taking results for the rest of the season or we will never cope with the deadline and apologise in advance if I appear a little abrupt and ‘stressed’ . It will be a case of short, sweet and to the point and I won’t have time unfortunately for the “How did so and so do today please”.  


Michael Weeks

Cornwall Cricket Media Officer




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