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Apr 9, 2016

Cash for Clubs

Clubs are invited to sign up for sponsorship deals

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To CCL Clubs


The CCB has recently agreed sponsorship deals with two businesses with more potential deals currently in the pipeline.  The monies received for the 2016 season will be placed into a “pot” which will be distributed to League Clubs.


To get a share of this cash, Clubs need to sign up by April 15.  How much cash each Club will receive will depend on how many Clubs sign up but as a bare minimum it should be over £250.  If a high percentage of Clubs don't sign up the pay out to individual Clubs could be considerably more.


The Details

Over the last few months, the Board has been actively looking to enter into agreements with a series of “core” corporate sponsors (as well as launching a membership scheme for other businesses who have expressed an interest in supporting cricket in the county).  The good news is that we have now concluded agreements with St Austell Brewery (a two year deal initially but with the prospect of an extension if the initiative is successful) and Dales Motor Group.  The Board is also in dialogue with other potential sponsors and hopes to be in a position to announce details of new partnerships with other businesses in the near future. 

At a recent Executive meeting, the Board agreed to distribute 75% of our annual incoming sponsorship monies to the Club community. We hope to be in a position where our sponsorship “pot” is at least £25,000 per annum (which would mean that, under the 75% formula, around £18,750 would be available for distribution to the Club community each year).

Under the terms of the St Austell and Dales sponsorship deals, our partners are keen to ensure that our relationship is given the widest possible publicity across the Cornish cricketing community.  We have therefore agreed to help the Brewery and Dales to promote their business via our web-site, through our regular newsletters, at the Cricket Centre and at Club grounds. 

The St Austell Brewery Deal

A key element of the St Austell deal is for Cornish cricket to promote the Tribute brand via a stump sponsorship deal (with the Tribute brand being advertised as “The Official Beer of Cornwall Cricket”). 

The Brewery is also keen to have the opportunity to run “tasting events” and to display banners and other advertising materials at grounds (and, also, to have the opportunity to speak to those Clubs who do not currently stock St Austell Brewery products).  The precise terms of the Dales agreement have yet to be finalised (pending the arrival later this month of a new marketing manager) but it is likely that the Group will want to have the opportunity to display new vehicles at Club grounds as part of the terms of their financial support.

Besides the financial support, the Brewery will also support the following initiatives;

·         An annual “You’ve Earned It” award for individuals who have volunteered their time to support cricket in the county.  The Award will be presented at the League AGM in January;

·         A monthly “Bowler Who Hits The Stumps Most” award – a case of beer will be awarded every month to the winner. There will also be an “End of season” overall winner;

·         Production of an A3 size fixture card (which advertises the St Austell Brewery/Cornwall Cricket deal)


Publicising the Deals 

More details about both sponsorship agreements will be announced before the start of the season (the Board is planning a media launch to publicise the St Austell agreement in early April).  A pack of St Austell Brewery marketing material (stump stickers, banners, fixture cards etc) will be distributed to the Clubs in mid-April.


How League Clubs Benefit Financially 

After discussions with the League Management Committee (“LMC”), the Board recognises that, for a variety of reasons, it will not be possible to commit all league Clubs to the terms of either the St Austell or Dales sponsorship agreement.  Further, both parties also acknowledge that seeking to devise a “bespoke” version of each sponsorship agreement for individual clubs would be wholly unworkable.  With the support of the LMC, the Board will therefore limit the distribution of the sponsorship monies pot to those Clubs who actively agree to the terms of the Policy (as set out in the note below).  It therefore follows that those Clubs who indicate that they wish to participate in the Cornwall Cricket Board sponsorship programme will receive a share of the “pot”.  However, those Clubs who wish to remain outside of the terms of the programme will not receive a share of the “pot”.  The current plan is that Club “sign up” will be on an annual basis so it will follow that Clubs who decide, for whatever reason, not to participate this year will nonetheless have the opportunity to “sign up” for the 2017 season.


What Clubs Need To Do By 15 April

The Board hopes that as many Clubs as possible decide to participate in the sponsorship programme and that the initiative itself proves to be a success.  Please let me, Joe Skinner or Mark Mitchell know if there are any questions (as noted above, further information about all sponsorship deals will be distributed soon).

Thanks in advance for your support – could I ask that those Clubs who wish to join the initiative (and who would like to receive a share of the sponsorship monies pot), let me know by FRIDAY 15 APRIL at the latest.  Payment of monies will be made by BACS and, to this end, can I also ask participating Clubs to provide their bank details?

Here’s to a successful season and to a mutually beneficial sponsorship initiative.


Chris Fyles

Director of Finance

Cornwall Cricket Board

Mob: 07973 743169

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