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Mar 23, 2016

League Rules 2016

Updated for the 2016 season
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The Jolly's Drinks Cornwall Cricket Rules and a Summary of Changes for 2016 can be viewed here Rules & Regulations


2016 Cornwall Cricket League Rules


Summary of Changes – March 2016


It has been an eventful close season with regards to the rules and clubs are strongly advised to familiarise themselves with the following notable changes, in addition to the various alterations passed  at the AGM”.




All Rules

References to Higher, Intermediate and Standard Tiers have been replaced with:


Premier Tier (Premier League)

Tier 1 (County 1 & Div 2)

Tier 2 (Divs 3 & 4)

Tier 3 (Divs 5 & 6)



Registration, Transfer and Loan Players 


Rules have been relaxed and rewritten, as passed at the AGM.


18.1– 18.14

Premier League Playing Conditions 


With the decision to play 50/50 games the rules have been revised to basically mirror the current County Division 1 Rules.


Main exceptions - 20% Bowlers Overs restrictions as opposed to 25% in the rest of the League. The overs available to each side shall be reduced by one over for every seven minutes of  any delay or interruption as opposed to six minutes across the rest of the League


Points for a Tie will now be 7 points as all other divisions.


Fielding Restrictions remain unaltered.



Premier 50/50 Cup Rules only will continue with:


18.17 - One Free hit after a no ball foot fault and

18.18 - Power Play Regulations.


The League has looked at the current ECB Regs and decided that for 2016 it is best to keep life simple for all concerned and have the Premier League and Tier 1 playing under the same playing conditions.


19 / 20 / 21

Tier 1/2/3 Playing Conditions


With the entire League now basically playing under one set of playing conditions the relevant rules have been re-designed to make easier reading.


Rule 18 (Premier) is now the default set for all divisions.


Rules 19, 20 & 21 either show the variations in that particular tier or a reference number to the relevant default rule.


All sub sections 2 to 9 are numbered consistently across all tiers -

e.g. Bowling Restrictions are 18.6, 19.6, 20.6 and 21.6


Division 2 Clubs please note:

Over Rates (as in 18.10) now apply as part of the Tier 1 Conditions.

The relevant box on the new result sheet MUST be filled in and points deductions will apply for those failing to meet 17 overs per hour.


26 - 41

Discipline Regulations


These have been rewritten in accordance to the latest requirements from ECB.


The League has also recently agreed to be part of the ECB MCC Pilot Discipline Project for 2016.


As a result Rules 28, 35(f) and 36 have been rewritten accordingly.


As three additional sections have also been added to the Section previous rules 39 to 41 have been renumbered 42 to 44.



ECB Accreditation


This rule has been updated significantly and all Premier, County 1 and potential County 1 clubs are strongly advised to read carefully and understand the ramifications.


Failure to comply will result in automatic relegations.


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