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Jan 15, 2016

Hawkins Motors ride to the rescue.

 Annual Aeration programme completed. 


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Posted by: mikew




The work of Cricket Club Groundsmen is not only during the Season, but continues through the Autumn and Winter months. One of the most important aspects of this is Aeration of Squares which allows air into the soil, promotes root growth and assists in drainage, possibly along with Autumn Renovation an exercise which helps to produce better playing surfaces for the following season.

Members of The Cornwall Cricket Groundsman’s Association have recently carried out aeration on over 30 squares throughout the County using the Toro Pro Core 648 Aerator.


Photo Copyright David Flower.


Many miles were covered over the 10 days and this could only be carried out due to the generosity of Hawkins Motors of St Stephen in lending us an Isuzu four wheel drive truck, such generosity is a vital part of the work carried out by The Association and we are extremely grateful.

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