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Jan 13, 2016

Botallack & St Levan withdraw

Botallack & St Levan CC have withdrawn from the Jolly's Drinks Cornwall Cricket League.
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Posted by: mikew





 Botallack & St Levan CC have unexpectedly withdrawn from the Jolly’s Drinks Cornwall Cricket League this week.


Botallack CC were admitted to the CCL in 1978 and completed 38 seasons. They moved from the village to play at St Levan in 2012.  St Levan, as an individual club, played a non continuous 35 seasons in the CCL between 1966 and 2010. They also competed in the West Penwith Evening League.


Their letter of resignation can be viewed at the foot of this article.


It therefore leaves a vacancy in Division 3 West.


Through the deadline for altering divisions (31 December) has passed the LMC Executive have acted quickly and  agreed that it makes common sense that Division 3 West  WILL be made up to a full complement of 12 teams for the 2016 season.


This has been decided taking into account no work on the fixture indexing has been started yet, pending the AGM outcome tonight  on the structure and number of sections in Division 5.


In accordance with the appropriate League Rules the relevant clubs have therefore been consulted this week.


The League very much appreciate the speed of these clubs in enabling matters to be resolved so quickly. 


It will enable work to start on the fixturing tomorrow and hopefully they will be issued within a week or so.


Full details of the  workings are on the January Revised Final divisions click.


The changes are:

Leedstown are reprieved relegation to Division 4 West and will remain in Division 3 West.

Falmouth 3 are promoted to Division 4 West.

Mawnan are promoted to Division 5 West

Redruth 4 move from Division 6 Central to Division 6 West.


In the event of 3 sections of 10 Teams being voted in tonight at the AGM the following will apply

St Day will move from Division 5 Central to Division 5 West to fill the Falmouth 3 vacancy.

St Stephen will be promoted from Division 6 Central to Division 5 Central.

Division 6 Central will have 9 Teams but 2 random games will be added to give a full 18 game season.


Botallack & St Levan letter of resignation

It is with deep regret, that it is my sad duty to inform you that following our AGM on Sun 10th of January, the decision was made to fold the Club due to lack of playing staff. For a few years the numbers have falling due to age, family or work commitments and the general lack of interest of youngsters in playing live sport and those that do seem to show any interest are attracted to the "bigger" Clubs.

We felt it would be unfair to The League, other Clubs and also our playing Members  to commence playing next season knowing full well we would not be able to fulfil all of our fixtures.

For these reasons would you please take this as our letter of resignation from the League.

Would you please pass on our sincere thanks to all the League Management Committee and our good wishes to friends and colleagues from the other Clubs.

Yours faithfully,
Rob Atkinson. Secretary.


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