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Dec 15, 2015

ECB League Blueprint published

Cornwall encouraged to look to the future of League Cricket
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ECB’s League Blueprint for Open Age Weekend Cricket     click here


Cornwall Cricket Board’s Adult Cricket Steering Group and Jolly’s Drinks Cornwall Cricket League officials have met with the ECB’s South West Business Support Manager, Tim Masters at the Cornwall Cricket Centre.  As part of a national campaign Tim gave a detailed presentation on the newly published ECB League Blueprint for Open Age Weekend Cricket.


It has been developed as a national response to the challenges the game faces and to keep the game relevant and appealing to today’s players.


It follows requests from Leagues for the ECB to pull together feedback from players about the type of cricket they wish to play in the future.


It has been developed from sources including:

  • National Cricket Playing Surveys 2013, 2014 and 2015
  • ECB Player Panels
  • data
  • Get the Game on Road shows
  • Various ECB Engagement programmes


ECB will not be forcing these recommendations but strongly ask that the League, and its clubs, fully consider what players wish for the good of the game.


The Cornwall Cricket League already have a number of the recommendations in place such as win/lose cricket (Premier excepted at the moment),  aggregate points system, use of social media, scorecard completion on play-cricket and flexible start times - to name a few.



Players – ensure you communicate your wishes to your club officers to enable them to mandate for the AGM in January.


There are 5 Core Principles


Every Game Matters - keep players involved, interested and reduce concessions.

  • Ensure 5 bowlers are used
  • Rain Rules fair to both teams
  • Reward teams for playing – not cancelling
  • Award bonus points for provision of scorers and umpires
  • Maximum Bonus points achievable in rain reduced games


Formats - Insight led to deliver formats that best suit players.

  • 40/45 overs per innings
  • Start games no later than 1pm
  • Support Captains to achieve 17 overs per hour min
  • Limit travel time to 45 mins
  • Games to finish by 6.30pm/7pm thus freeing up Saturday evenings


Flexibility - in registration and play to allow players to play when and where they wish.

  • Allow rescheduling of games to reduce concessions
  • Flexible Start Times


Comms - Two way communication with players - to ensure they have a strong voice in decision making.

  • Ensure individual players are registered as full rather than temporary on and opt in to receiving ECB communications. Note - This is separate to being a League Registered Player.
  • Consult with players so easy for them to suggest changes.


Variety of Play - to ensure that cricket can fit in around today's busy lifestyles.

  • Extend cricket into September
  • Introduce a shorter format game in September




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