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Aug 7, 2015

Beacon Thirds removed from 6 West

League confirms implementation of new concessions rule
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Posted by: mikew




League Statement

At their meeting on 6 August  the LMC had no alternative but to  abide by the rules (17.3.6) and accepted Beacon thirds automatic withdrawal, having conceded five games to date in the 2015 season.


The rule change proposal from Tideford last year got  65% in favour at the October ballot and  it was carried substantially by clubs at the AGM on January,  without the need for a ballot vote.


League Rule 17.3.6

Where a team fails, on two occasions for Higher Tier   and Intermediate Tier and three occasions for Standard Tier in a season, to   fulfil a fixture for reasons other than weather or ground conditions, the   team shall also be relegated at the end of the season or, if in the lowest   division, be required to seek re-election to that division in accordance with   rule 11.2. If a team forfeits on 5 occasions during the season then they   will be both automatically withdrawn from the Division and any points   achieved from previous fixtures that year will be expurgated   from the league table.

Beacon CC Statement

Unfortunately due to a lack of player availability our 3rd XI conceded their 5th fixture in Division 6W on Saturday. I understand that as per rule 17.3.6 this now means that our 3rd XI are removed from the league and all games wiped from the records.


After comfortably winning Division 7W last season we did not foresee any lack of availability prior to the season. The club has made every effort to fulfil each and every fixture with our 3rd XI, who have won 5 of the 7 games played, having occasionally played with just 8 players. The lack of availability has mainly come about due to several of our younger players gaining part-time employment for Saturday jobs which has prevented them from playing. This coupled with a few long term injures to our 1st & 2nd XI players has resulted in the current situation.


We can only apologise to the league and all the clubs involved in Division 6W.


Kind regards


Darren Proctor


Beacon Cricket Club

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