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Jan 14, 2015

Hawkins Motors support CACG Aeration programme

Hawkins Motors of St Stephen are supporting the Cornwall Association of Cricket Groundsmen in their winter aeration programme which is about to commence.
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Posted by: mikew


The Cornwall Association of Cricket Groundsmen was founded some 10 years ago and for the past three years has offered a Winter Aeration service for all clubs in the county. The number of clubs taking advantage of this has increased year on year, with all commenting on the improvement they have seen. This year the programme will commence on January 15th.


Work carried out by the ECB and IOG, over a period of years, has highlighted the many benefits of aeration both at the time of Autumn Renovation and during the winter months. The compaction caused over many years by rolling is relieved by aeration, allowing deeper root growth of both new and existing grasses. The ingress of air and improving drainage are all vital parts in producing better pitches.



Cornwall County Pitch Advisor Kevin O'Kelly (left) receives the loan of a 4x4  

The Association, through its volunteers, carries out this exercise which includes a large mileage in visiting all parts of the county. This year we are extremely indebted to Hawkins Motors, of St Stephen, who have kindly loaned us a vehicle to tow the trailer carrying the aeration machine. This generosity, in the way of sponsorship of the Association, allows us to improve the services we have to offer.


Full details of the Association can be found here and in the annual Yearbook. Committee Members, and the ECB County Pitch Advisor, are always willing to give all assistance to help in groundsmanship. We are justly proud that Cornwall is the only county that has all clubs as members and trust that clubs will take advantage of our machinery trailers and the opportunity to save clubs money by our bulk buying of materials for grounds. Additionally we will give all Clubs assistance in pursuing Grant Aid.

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