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Nov 11, 2013

CCL Coloured Clothing Statement

Jolly’s Drinks Cornwall Cricket League Management Committee Statement on Coloured Clothing

Category: League
Posted by: mikew

"Attention has been brought to the LMC recently on some Social Networking comments,  sent to the  @CornwallCricket Twitter feed, regarding the use of coloured clothing and white balls for use in non league competitions i.e. Vinter, Hawkey and Rosevear 20/20 competitions and the Premier 50/50 competition. 


The LMC has no specific views on the use of coloured clothing in these competitions and decisions on rule changes to make coloured clothing mandatory for all participants lies with the clubs putting forward an AGM proposal before 1st October each year. No proposal, or suggestion, regarding coloured clothing was received by the LMC before 1st October this year. There was no discussion or comment at any of the Tier meetings this September on this topic. Since the 20/20 competitions cover the entire Cornwall Cricket League, all clubs would be entitled to vote on such a proposal; only the Premier clubs would vote on a coloured clothing proposal for the Premier 50/50 competition.  


For the evening 20/20 competitions, costs for each team that enters would include clothing for all squad players that might be selected and the club itself would also need to bear the cost of white balls (including spares), coloured stumps (if required) and changes to sight screens for the clubs in the higher divisions. Since all of the 20/20 competitions are now in a knock out format, the investment in coloured clothing might seem prohibitive for those clubs who do not win through to the 2nd round.


Comment has also been made on a 20/20 countywide competition; the LMC recently ran such a competition for the Higher Tier clubs permitting the clubs to play on evenings or Sundays of their choice and including a Finals Day - however the clubs voted that competition out of existence 2 years ago on the basis of "too much cricket" and "did not want to play on Sundays".


However, if any club wishes the AGM to consider a proposal for coloured clothing in these non league competitions, then they may wish to write to the League Secretary to ask the LMC to consider putting such a proposal forward at the next AGM."



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