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Groundsmen's Association

Groundsmen's Association

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Groundsmen's Association

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Groundsmen's Association


The Cornwall Association of Cricket Groundsmen

Officers 2016
 following the AGM on 16 March
Chairman & County Pitch Advisor: Kevin O'Kelly 

   m 07840 566 448

 Vice-Chairman: vacant
Secretary: Keith Goldsmith  Tel 01579 346248
2 Cowling Gardens, Menheniot, Liskeard PL14 3QJ                       
Treasurer Caroline Fry Tel: 01288 341200
Soroba, Week St Mary, Holsworthy, Devon EX22 6UN   
Committee: Del Codd, Dave Meneer,  Steve Fry, Simon Johnson, Nigel Harrington (CACO)
           The main aims of the Association are to:
    • Improve the standards of Club and School grounds, pitches and general outdoor facilities including Pavilions and Clubhouses.
    • To maintain a close liaison with the ECB Pitch Advisor, LMC and CCB
    • Increase communication of all the latest methods and technology.
    • Promote opportunities of education and training.
    • Assist Club and School groundsmen in gaining the practical and administrative skills required for playing cricket.
    • Improve the all round knowledge and education of groundsmen within the County of Cornwall.
    • Maintain a list of current members and Association assets
    • Carry out regular ground and pavilion inspections as requested by LMC or Clubs.
    • Maintain records and collate the pitch marking schemes
    • Produce an annual report for the Cornwall Cricket Board and Cornwall Cricket League
    • To manage and operate the Equipment Trailer for the benefit of the Association members.
          The Cornwall Cricket Board Groundsman Association is in place to support the development and maintenance of outdoor Cricket surfaces across the county. As a constituted body the CCB the GA are continually looking to improve their service in support of the local community. In support of Cricket, the GA offer a number of services to clubs, schools and local authorities, including:
    1. Equipment Hire
    2. Material Purchase (bulk buying discount)
    3. Inspection and Advice
    4. Avenues to Formal Training
    5. Access to Specialist Contractors
    6. Networking and Promotional Events
    7. Performance Quality Standards (PQS) Workshops
In continuous support of Grounds People across Cornwall, the CCB GA endeavour to keep you up to date with the latest grounds related news and provide continual professional development opportunities.
Clubs and Schools can become members of the GA for £15.00, which will gain your club access to the benefits listed.
To become a member please contact Keith Goldsmith Secretary of the Cornwall GA or download the membership from the homepage

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Cornwall Cricket Board Ltd Office , Fal Building,  College Road,  Truro,  Cornwall,  TR1 3XX.  Tel:  01872 267138