Mining Evening League Mining Evening League Mining Evening League

Mining Evening League

2014 Champions - Mt Hawke & Porthtowan

Mining Evening League

2014 Champions - Mt Hawke & Porthtowan

Mining Evening League

2014 Champions - Mt Hawke & Porthtowan

Mining Division Evening League

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Chairman  Steve Atkinson,    Secretary/Treasurer  Michael Evans Tel:01209 717853 email   

Auditor MC Rowe.    Management Committee:  C. Terrill (Beacon),   M Ley (Mawnan), T Churcher (Wendron).

The AGM was held on Monday 9 February 2016 at Camborne Cricket Club.

                          16 teams are set to compete in the 2016 season.

Section A.        Beacon, Crofty/Holman, Mount Ambrose, Praze, Stithians.

Section B.        Constantine, Camborne School of Mines, Helston, Mullion, Porthleven, Wendron.  

Section C.        Methigion, Mawnan, Mt Hawke & Porthtowan,  Perranarworthal, Perranporth, St Gluvias withdrawn


The  Mining Division Evening League 2016 Semi-Finals

Tuesday 12 July Helston v Stithians

Redruth – Helston 87-9 (I Laity 22; B Tann 3-15, N Rowe 2-8, K Webber 2-10) lost to Stithians 88-5 (K Webber 23; P Boyd 2-4, R Milligan 2-15) by five wickets.

 Tuesday 19 July Mt Hawke & Porthtowan v Wendron

 Camborne – Mt Hawke & Porthtowan 113 (B Scoffin 21, S Smith 18; S Collins 4-15, T Orchard 2-20, D Turner 2-21) lost to Wendron 114-3 (R Mitchell 33no, G Whitbread 30no) by seven wickets.

 Wendron will meet Stithians in the final on Tuesday 26th July at Camborne CC at 6pm

Mining Division Evening League Final          Photos             Scorecard

Camborne – Wendron 122-5 (M Mitchell 30no, T Orchard 21no, R Mitchell 20, J Collins 15; J Mitchell 2-19) lost to

Stithians 126-6 (B Tann 30, R Dunstan 20, K Webber 19no;

R Mitchell 3-13) by four wickets off the penultimate ball.



The Mining Division Evening League  2015 semi–finals were:

Mt Hawke v Constantine at Perranporth CC on Wednesday 22nd July at 6 pm

Mount Hawke & Porthtowan 133-8 (R Davis 44, R Thomas 27; C Campbell 3-26).

Constantine 121-8 (C Campbell 56; R Thomas 2-16). Mt Hawke beat Constantine by 12 runs.


Redruth v Helston at Mt Ambrose CC on Thursday 30th July at 6 pm

 Redruth 182-4 (B Page 57, G Bolland 42no, O Paull 32, S Kevern 20; S Rule 2-26, B Page 2-35), 

Helston 114-9 (M Thomas 32, R Hannaford 22, M Jenkin 16; L Eslick 3-14, P Kent 2-16, O Paull 2-23).Helston beat Redruth by 68 runs.


Final - Redruth beat Mt Hawke & Porthtowan  by 23 runs at Beacon click


2014 Semi-finals

Perranporth – Mt Hawke & Porthtowan 129-7 (D Dunstan 39no, S Smith 29no; C Yeomans 3-23, K Patel 2-24); Perranarworthal 120-8 (P Lewis 48, D Warman,; J Ireson 2-7, C Madeley 2-24). Mt Hawke beat Perranarworthal by nine runs.   Scorecard

Thursday 31st  July
Mt Ambrose - Redruth 123-8 (T Stevens 38no, J Osborne 30, S James 21; P Treloar 5-8), Helston 124-4 (J Matthews 56no, M Jenkin 32, M Crapp). Helston beat Redruth by six wickets with three balls to spare.  Scorecard
Wednesday 6th August    

Final at Redruth.  Helston v Mt Hawke & Porthtowan (6pm)  Mt Hawke in by 9 runs click




Chairman, Hon. Treasurer, Hon. Secretary and Hon. Auditor shall be elected annually at a meeting attended by representatives from all clubs in the league.

A Management Committee shall comprise of the above and one representative from each section (also elected at the annual meeting).

Notice of any proposed alterations of rules must be sent to the secretary of the evening league not later than 15th December each year.  The secretary will send the agenda to the Club Secretaries three weeks before the annual general meeting.

(1)           A match shall consist of 20 overs each time.

(2)           No bowler can bowl more than 4 overs in the match.

(2b)         Batsman to retire after scoring 30. But can come back in after last man out.

(3)           All games should start not later than 6.30pm.  A team not ready to start at 6.30pm   forfeits the right to toss, except play offs, semi-finals and final which should start not later than 6. 00pm.   All games should be played to the finish, unless rain interferes. There shall be no light appeals.

(4)           Fixtures - Each club select on an evening of their choice (either Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday)   before the season starts for all home matches. All clubs must visit their opponents on their chosen evening unless by mutual agreement or weather interferes.

(5)           In event of bad weather the home team can postpone the game. This must not be done later than 5.30pm.                                      

(6)           In event of a postponement the secretary of the home club must offer, within 48 hours, to the secretary of the    visiting side two dates for the game to be re-arranged and played within 14 days from the postponement.   In event of either club defaulting the points shall be awarded to the other.

(7)           No player currently playing in either the ECB Premier League or County Division One shall be eligible to play in the Mining  Evening League.                

               Mining Division Evening League teams may contain no more than 3 senior players from Division Two and 4 senior players from Division Three                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

 (7a)         A senior player is any player aged 18 years or above at the time of the game being played.                                                                                                      

(7b)         No player can play for more than one team in one season unless permission being granted by the League Committee.                           

(7c)         If any of the Rule 7 rules are deemed by the League Management Committee to be broken then that team will have any points gained from the match deducted and awarded to the other team. Any subsequent breaches of the rule in a 2 point deduction  per breach

(8)           Affiliation Fees £5.00 per team. Affiliation Fees not paid by 1st June will be doubled.

(8a)         The secretary of the home club must send the results of the game or inform the league secretary of postponement by Saturday morning of that week.  A fine of ONE POUND will be imposed on any club failing to comply with this  ruling.  Any club who does not send in results are liable to be banned from the league.

(8c)         Results can be entered on Play– Cricket  ( by the home team and confirmed by the away  team. Clubs who are not on Cornwall  Play–Cricket can send their results by email or post to the League Secretary.

( 9)          The league final must be played not later than the second week of August.

(10)         If any club desires to enter a protest against another club it must be in writing to the league secretary by the secretary of the protesting club not later than seven clear days after the cause for the protest arose, and the league secretary   shall call a meeting of the Management Committee to decide the matter. The protesting club must send a copy of theletter of protest to the club concerned.

(11)         A club having two sides in the league is on its honour not to include regular first team players in the B side.

(12)         Every player shall be registered by his club with the League Secretary by the 1st May.  A £5 fine per player  unregistered or ineligible + deduction of 2 points per defaulted game.

(12b)       Players need only be registered on Cornwall Play–cricket. Those clubs  not on Cornwall play-cricket, must send in the  registration forms by post or email, to the League Secretary.

13)          The draw for the semi-finals shall consist of the 3 teams finishing top of their respective divisions along with the team finishing second with the highest number of points. In the event of two teams finishing second with the same amount of points then the team having lost the least number of wickets will go through to the draw.

The semi –finals will be played on neutral grounds.  Venues for Semi-Finals and Final will be Senior grounds decided by the League Management Committee.                                        

(14)         FinalWinners of MDEL Winners v WPEL at neutral grounds.




                A win count                           2 points

               A tie counts                            1 point

               A draw   (through rain interfering)          1 point


N.B.        Works teams are on their honour to play works employees






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