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Press Report Form

Please submit as early as possible on Saturday nights and no later than 9.30pm please to meet the Sunday Independent deadlines. Results of any games can also be submitted at any time during the week. This form is also to be used by BOTH sides as official notification of a CONCEDED game. No other notice is required.

Please copy this template and punctuation (Runs 20+, Wkts 2 or more):- .........Roche 197 (L Tarbuck 50, A Trudgeon 40; W Jenkin 2-22, P Lello 2-25), Hayle 199-4 (G Wiseman 103, S Richards 31; R Clark 2-42). Hayle (20 points) beat Roche (six) by six wickets or Match Conceded by and any relevant details.

If received you will receive a personal reply as confirmation. If you do not get a reply please either ring 01209 717985 or 07826 301318 or 07901 545688 or email to by 9.30pm please at the latest